Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Edvart Munch

Edvart Munch is one of my favourite painters. He was a Norwegian painter and printmaker. He was born in 1861. 

  Some things about his studies:

In 1879 he enrolled in a technical college to study engeneering, where he excelled in physics, chemistry and maths. He learnt scaled and perspective drawing, but frequent illnesses interrupted his studies, because he wanted to bacome a painter. In 1881, Munch enrolled at the Royal School of Art and Design of Christiania. In 1883 he took part in his first exhibition and shared a studio with other students.He went to many countries to work like : Berlin and Paris.

His major works and the way he paints :

He paints, or rather regards, things in a way that is different from that of the other artists. He sees only the essential, and that, naturally is all he paints.

1892 : Evening on Karl Johan
1893 : The Scream
1894 : Ashes 
1894-1895 : Madonna 
Also, there are more that you can see....

My favourite painting of Edvart Munch is The Scream.

The Scream exists in 4 versions : 2 pastels ( 1893 and 1895) and 2 paintings ( 1893 and 1910). The Scream is Munch's most famous work and one of the most recognizable paintings in all art. Also, it is the most colorful of the versions and is distinctive for the downward-looking stance of one of its background figures. It is also the only version not part of the collection of a Norwegian museum.

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