Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The ideal language school

An advertisement for a language school.

Do you want to improve your English?

Try Inspiration's Language School!


Inspiration's Language School, which is situated in beautiful countryside only 15 miles from London, runs a language school every summer. For seven weeks from 8th July to 31st August, Inspiration's School becomes Inspiration's Language School- a language school for everyone, including young children, native speakers aged 8-40 years old.

Accommodation and food

All students attending Inspiration's Language School sleep at the school in comfortable and well-designed dormitories, where well-trained and caring members of staff look after them. As for the food, we cater for students who are vegetarian, or for those who have particular dietary needs.


As well as well-equipped classrooms and other rooms, our school has an indoor swimming pool, a sports hall, a theatre (where you can also watch movies), tennis, basketball and volleyball courts and football pitches. Also, Inspiration's Language School has a library, where computers are included.

Course fees

Prices are per week and do not include flights to and from London.

For further information, call our office on 2736593.

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