Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exercise E Page 115

Exercise E

 A dialoge between a receptionist and a guest

Mr Smith; Good morning! This is Mr Smith. Could I book a room?

Receptionist; Good morning sir! You have called the Sunshine paradise hotel. How could I help you?
Mr Smith; I wanted to know how much a double room costs for three days overnight staying.
Receptionist; Well, there is a special holiday packet which costs 150 pounds including accommodation   breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mr Smith; O, that's really economical! Could you inform me about the special facilities which your hotel has.
Receptionist; Of course. We have three swimming pools, a gym, a sauna, a restaurant and a bar room. But we also have access to the Internet, room service and telephone in the room.
Mr Smith; Hmm, that sounds great for a busy businessman. Might I have the timetable with the time which your restaurant closes and opens?

Receptionist; Our restaurant is open from 7.30 til 10p.m.
Mr Smith; Oh, thank you very much! I have a last question for you... Could you tell me if you provide a laundry service.
Rceptionist; Yes of course. You can have your suit pressed and cleaned any time Mr Smith.
Mr Smith; That is a big help for me. My secretary is going to inform you about my arrival. Thanks a lot!

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