Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wuthering Heights

    The novel which I read is called Wuthering Heights and the plot is fantastic. The story starts when Mr Earnshaw brings a dark, and small child into his house. But the child looks very strange to some of the family members and gradually all the family is in trouble. 
   One of my favourite scenes was at the start, when Ellen Dean, the maid of Lockwood, starts explaining to Lockwood the story of  Wuthering Heights. She told him about the mysteries of ghosts and she also told him about the Earnshaw family and more specifically about Hindley, Catherine and Heathcliff and their lives. Generally, the writter's description was very detailed and very impressive, too. Emily Bronte specifies the characters of all the people in a very different way from all the other writers. The book is  very romantic and depressing some times and that's why it attracts your interest. To sum up, I will recommend Wuthering Heights to you  because it is one of the most interesting novels I have ever read.

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  1. Excellent description, Katerinaki! I can see that you liked the book a lot and I am glad! There are similar books in the school library waiting for all of you. :-)