Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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               DAILY SCHOOL NEWS !                      

                                                                   Issue No. 75, 15th April

    The Internet in the lives of teenagers 

  The Internet in these days have become a part of our lives. Teenagers enjoy surfing the Internet and the older people enjoy searching it.In addition, teenagers can chat with other teenagers around the world and with their friends, thing that's amazing. However can chatting be a threat for them? We interviewed some students in our school and we made a decision about the Internet..Read more on page 4 ! 

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Inside this issue, you 'll find :
  • A great article about the Internet in our lives (p.4)
  • New plans about new facilities in our school (p.6)
  • Our school helps to clean the North sea! (p.8)
  • Jokes, crosswords and riddles (p. 12)


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