Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Predictions about future!

Subject : Predictions about future

What do you think the house of the future will be like ?

The house of the future will be really comfortable even if you are not rich.The electrical machines will work only with the sound of your voice.In addition, the housework will be done by robots.Also, the furniture will be really modern and not really expensive,

What new jobs will have started doing by 2040?

By 2040, people will have reached other planets and they will work as astronauts.However, on Earth people's jobs may not have changed, but they may work with developed technology.

What job do you think you 'll be doing?

If you ask me, I think I will be working as a lawyer in an international company.I won't mind if I will be working as a teacher of English, because I like English too.

Give us your opinion on the future education.

Well, I don't think that the future education will change a lot. The only thing that I think will change, is the paper notebooks.I think that paper notebooks will have been replaced by e-books and e-notebooks.In addition, many countries in the world have already replaced paper books with e-books at schools, because they try to save the environment.

So what will we be watching and playing in 2040?More the same, only faster,bigger,better? Or will new forms of entertainment come along? Id television here forever? Will we still be going to the cinema in 2040?

In my opinion, in 2040 we will be watching the same programmes on TV. Also, I think people will watch movies and TV programmes on computer.We already do that, I think.As for sport, people will do the same sports , but better than now.Who knows, in 2040 new games will be played and sport will be a bigger part of our lives than now.As for the cinemas, I think people will still be going because cinemas attract people more than computers .

Thank you very much,

Fotis Markakis

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  1. Excellent! Take a quick look at the phrases I have corrected and underlined.