Saturday, October 5, 2013

Personal Speaking Questions Stage 1

1) Where do you come from? / Where do you live?

I live in Heraklion and I've lived here all my life. More specifically, I live two minutes from Markaki school. It's a busy and noisy neighbourhood (in the suburbs of Heraklion) because of the traffic. It's also polluted, because of the exhaust fumes. Another thing about my neighbourhood, is that it has some facilities like supermarkets, bakeries, chemists, cafeterias etc. However, it doesn't a lot of trees, but there are some parks near it.

2) Can you tell me something about your town?

To begin with, my town has many facilities, for instance schools, hospitals, hypermarkets, libraries etc. It also has many places for young people to go, for example cinema complexes , cafeterias and shops. But on the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages about my town. First of all, it has air pollution and that's because of the busy roads. Furthermore, it has lack of greenery. There aren't many parks in my town, but the government tries to face it by putting trees on the pavements. Anyway, in my town in our days criminality has increased a lot. Sometimes you are afraid to walk late at night in roads all alone.

3) Do you work or are you a student?

I am a fourteen-year old student at the first Junior High School of Heraklion and I attend the third grade of it. Actually you can say that counts as a work!

4) What do you like about your school?

Well, there aren't a lot of things about my school, because, it doesn't have many facilities. So, a thing I like about it is that there is volleyball court. I actually love volleyball, so I'm happy I can play at school. Also, we have great teachers who are well-educated and friendly.To be honest we have strict ones too. Apart from that, I feel proud to be in a very important and historical school like that.

5) What time do you go to school?

I usually wake up at 7:20 at the latest. My school is a fifteen-minute walk from my block of flats. My friend comes at 7:50 at my house to live together for school, so we are there at 8:05.

6) What time do you come home from school?

My lessons usually end at 2:00 pm, so I'm home at 2:15 or 2:20 when I walk slowly. Sometimes lessons end at 1:15 am and I'm back at 1:30.