Thursday, July 18, 2013

A witness to a crime !!!


                             A witness to a crime

Dear Marinos, 
How are you? Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you.
            I didn't tell you in my last letter that I was a witness to a crime! I was on holidays in Malibu, California. While I was passing by a gas station, I heard someone who shouted ''Help, help''.
           I saw a tall man had a gun and wanted the money of the cash desk.The cashier refused to give him the money and then the burglar shot the cashier. In the gas station were three customers and the burglar killed the two of them. I called the police immediately. When the police came, the burglar had left.
           After two months the police caught the burglar. Last week was the court trial and I went as a witness! The judge told me that the burglar is guilty and he will be in prison for life !!! I was scared and excited because I saved a person! 
           I think that the decision of the judge was very good and proper!!! What about you? Anyway write soon and tell me all your news!!!

                                              Best wishes,


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