Monday, July 15, 2013


                             Pizza house

             I visited a pizzeria yesterday. It's near my house and its name is "Pizza house". It has the best pizza I have ever eaten.
             There's a friendly atmosphere as soon as you enter. There were musical instruments and that fact made the atmosphere more lively. The staff always have a smile on their face and are very warm and welcoming. They were absolutely dedicated to their work. The owners were very hospitable and that thing made me more enthousiastic. The service was very fast.
               It's a clean and tidy place. It is beautifully decorated with nice drawings and vases with brilliant flowers. The decoration create a very attractive and modern place.
          There's a wide variety of dishes on the menu. The food smelled great and it was very tasty. Many of the mouth watering dishes were suitable for vegetarians and the owners had made sure all the dishes were low-fat and nutritious. This is healthy food and extremely delicious. Also, the foods were beautifully presentend and they were really good volue for money.
         I would thoroughly reccommend "Pizza house" to anyone who wants to eat something tasty. The food was wonderful and the prices were reasonable. It's a fantastic pizzeria!