Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Putting on a concert!!!

  If you want to do something fun with your friends why don't you put on a concert?It's very easy and you will enjoy it.
  First you have to choose the singers.Will they be two,three or more?Then you have to choose who is going to play an instrument.Of course you must choose the kind of music.Do you want it to be pop music,for example?
  It's a good idea to have regular rehearsals.You should decide the time and the place of the rehearsals.For example,at the weekends at 7 o'clock.Your friends can't learn their songs quickly,so don't push them to hurry up.Also you have to find the costumes.
  When you are ready invite people,but first you should decide the time and the place of the concert.If you want you can make a poster of the concert!Have fun and good luck!

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