Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A school newspaper


Issue No. 4- Friday 14th May 

In this issue:
  • The Internet page 2
  • Lets go to the cinema! page 4
  • Music page 6 
  • Quotes,  jokes  and games pages 7, 8 and 9 

                 The laughter 

Definition: The laughter is a spontaneous expression of  pleasant mood, which is manifested by contractions of facial muscles especially the mouth area and  it is usually accompanied by loud exhalations. 

  Most commonly, it is considered a visual expression of a number of positive emotional states, such as joy, happiness, relief etc. On some occasions, however, it may be caused by contrary emotional states such as embarrassment, apology, or confusion. 

  According to scientists, the laughter lowers the hormones,  which cause stress. Αlso, it tones up our spiritual health. Moreover, laughter reinforces the  immune, cardiovascular and the peptic system. Also, it exercises our abdominal and our stomach. Did you know that  in 1 hour of laughter we "burn" 500 calories? Yes, it is true! 

  A recent study showed that a monkey also has the ability to laugh. So, this thing means that the laughter has history over 10 billion years. 

  So, everyone should try to laugh more and more because:


 but always remember : 

Laughing is the best medicine, but if you are laughing for no reason, you need medicine! :D 

Take part in our competition! 
  A student wins a brand new laptop by sending us a hilarious video with topic : Laughing! 
Our Gmail is : dominonp@Gmail.com. 
Our headteacher will say the winner next week. 
Good luck! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Benjamin Button Online Quiz

Create a short video for a book you have read


http://www.toondoo.com (sign up first- choose the free version)

http://goanimate.com (sign up first - free)

These are the sites where you can make the short videos we were talking about. Take a look at one of them at home and explore all buttons and functions. However, if you finally make a video, remember to save it somehow. At the end of the making process, you are given the HTML code of the video you have just created. It will be a combination of letters and numbers which will not be understandable at all! This is what I would like you to copy and send to me by email or Facebook message. Good luck, guys! :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A school newspaper

               DAILY SCHOOL NEWS !                      

                                                                   Issue No. 75, 15th April

    The Internet in the lives of teenagers 

  The Internet in these days have become a part of our lives. Teenagers enjoy surfing the Internet and the older people enjoy searching it.In addition, teenagers can chat with other teenagers around the world and with their friends, thing that's amazing. However can chatting be a threat for them? We interviewed some students in our school and we made a decision about the Internet..Read more on page 4 ! 

Enter our singing competition!                

Win a trip to Spain for 3 days!

All you have to do is to write a song about Friendships.
Send your songs to us and
 you could be the lucky winner!
Contact with us at : 6945221179 or e-mail us at : dailyschoolnews@mail.com
 The competition will finish at 15th July,
so you have to be really creative to win!

Inside this issue, you 'll find :
  • A great article about the Internet in our lives (p.4)
  • New plans about new facilities in our school (p.6)
  • Our school helps to clean the North sea! (p.8)
  • Jokes, crosswords and riddles (p. 12)


Well done, Katerina!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Predictions about future!

TO: opinions@destination20140.com
Subject : Predictions about future

What do you think the house of the future will be like ?

The house of the future will be really comfortable even if you are not rich.The electrical machines will work only with the sound of your voice.In addition, the housework will be done by robots.Also, the furniture will be really modern and not really expensive,

What new jobs will have started doing by 2040?

By 2040, people will have reached other planets and they will work as astronauts.However, on Earth people's jobs may not have changed, but they may work with developed technology.

What job do you think you 'll be doing?

If you ask me, I think I will be working as a lawyer in an international company.I won't mind if I will be working as a teacher of English, because I like English too.

Give us your opinion on the future education.

Well, I don't think that the future education will change a lot. The only thing that I think will change, is the paper notebooks.I think that paper notebooks will have been replaced by e-books and e-notebooks.In addition, many countries in the world have already replaced paper books with e-books at schools, because they try to save the environment.

So what will we be watching and playing in 2040?More the same, only faster,bigger,better? Or will new forms of entertainment come along? Id television here forever? Will we still be going to the cinema in 2040?

In my opinion, in 2040 we will be watching the same programmes on TV. Also, I think people will watch movies and TV programmes on computer.We already do that, I think.As for sport, people will do the same sports , but better than now.Who knows, in 2040 new games will be played and sport will be a bigger part of our lives than now.As for the cinemas, I think people will still be going because cinemas attract people more than computers .

Thank you very much,

Fotis Markakis

Predictions for future!

To: opinions@destination2040.com
Subject: The future

Hello! I love the Destination 2040 website! Well done! 

I'd like to answer to the questions you asked.

1) What do you think the house of future will be like?

To begin with, by 2040 technology will have improved, so robots will appear in our lives. I believe that every house will have a robot to do the housework etc.  Although robots will make life easier, for me it's a gamble, because sometimes they might be very dangerous. Also, robots will make us all alienated, because of the fact that they will do everything. In that way, we will have only free time. As for the buildings, I guess that  there will be skyscrapers with many floors.  

2) What new jobs will we have started doing by 2040? What job do you think you'll be doing?

As technology develops, people's jobs change. In our days we have all the types of jobs, but then ( in 2040) new ones will appear like computer programmer, video games tester and generally all the jobs that will have to do with computers. Personally, I would like to become a philologist or a teacher of English. Also, I like biology. So, I will decide when I have to and not yet.

3) Give us your opinion on the future of education.

It's hard to guess the future of education, because by 2040 many things will have changed, but we don't know how! Moreover, it's possible that teachers will become a thing of the past and their place will taken by robots. Already, technology has intervened (technology is already used) in schools and in education, but probably by 2040 it will have intervened more.

4) What will we be watching and playing in 2040? More of same, only bigger, faster, better?

I believe that we will be playing more of the same, but faster, bigger and better, but also I believe that the specialists on this topic will have investigated more games on computers, iPads, iPhones etc. As for the movies, they will be played on digital TVs. 

5) Will new forms of entertainment come along? Is television here forever?

Of course new forms of entertainment will come along like some 3D games in our phones...Also, I think that television might stay forever, but it might not too. I mean that maybe our phones will have television in them, or that we won't need it, because of other ways of entertainment.

6) Will we still be going to the cinema in 2040? What kind of films will we be watching?

I thing that we will still be going to the cinema in 2040, or I want to believe it, because I love going to the cinema, especially with my friends. As for the kind of films that we will be watching, I guess that they will be the same.

7) Will we have more free time, or we will all be working even longer hours?

I think that we will have free time, even if more if robots appear in our lives. Also, I don't believe that we will work for many hours in the future, because our life will be easier with technology, but I think that work might be a little bit more difficult if you do not know how to use the computers. 

Thank you very much.
Marina Konstantinou.