Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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Friday, October 19, 2018

City or country life?


  Some people say city life is bad for young people.However, I come from a city and I disagree with the statement.
  The main reason I prefer the city is because it is bigger than the countryside, so it has more schools as well as cafés, young people and teenangers can make more friends. Personally, it is important for me to be near shops and cafés, because I am interested in going for a walk with my friends on Saturday.
   The only downside at the city is the noise.The cars, the people, the motorbikes and the buses make a lot of noise. Also, it is a bit annoying, but if you are used to living with noise, it is not a big problem.
    On balance, I disagree that city life is bad for young people, as I think city lifestyle is more exciting than life in the countryside. In spite of that, some teenangers could not cope with life in the city, so it comes down to personal opinion.                                                                                                                                                                   

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Robots in the home

  Have you ever thought about life with without any house work at all? Here is the solution! In 2035, most people say, that there will be robots that will do all the jobs in the house for you!
  Imagine that you're going home and you are too tired to clean the dishes or make food. No problem! The house robot will do all these jobs for you! Isn't it perfect? 
 But watch out, because (like all the machines) robots have bad things, too. They can break something, they can lose something, they can go crazy ( if you make them do something that they can't).
 By the way, house robots will be one of the most ingenious inventions of all the time. We don't know for sure when they're going to be in Greece, but in some countries they're already invented.
 My opinion is that house robots will be very useful and I can't wait for their invention!

Description of ''The curious case of Benjamin Button''

 The story of Benjamin Button is very weird. It all started from his birth. He was born an old man! I mean when he was 18 he looked like 42. Anyways, at first his didn't like him, but when the years passed and he was 12 they were good friends. When people saw them in the street they thought that they were brothers. Because when Benjamin was 12 he looked like 50. When Benjamin was 18 and he wanted to go at the Yale College, like his father, the proffesor of his class thought he that he was a crazy man who didn't know who he was and all the children were laughing at him. 

When Benjamin was 20 he had his 1st love in the Shevlin's Country House. He had his 1st dance with her and she told him that she liked men at his age, because she thought he was 50. But Benjamin didn't tell her anything about his real age. And they quickly fell in love. When they got married everyone was making silly stories about Benjamin, but Hildegarde, his wife, didn't believe them, even the true one. She said that she would be married with Benjamin and nothing could change her mind.

In 1880 and 1895 everything went very well mostly with Benjamin's job. He was making a lot of money, because of his ideas. Even Hildegarde's dad was very proud of his daughters husband. As time passed Benjamin was liked by everyone he met and he was more energetic as he grew. But Hildegarde was getting more and more serious. Before fifteen years she wanted to go out all the time. 

Soon, Benjamin and Hildegarde were like two strangers in the same house. Benjamin was invited to every party. He was dancing with the prettiest women and talking to the smartest girls. As Benjamin grew, he was getting younger. In 1904 Hildegarde was living in Italy and Benjamin was living somewhere else with his son, Roscoe, and his other wife. In 1920 Benjamin was in kindergarden and he was able to play with Roscoes' child. He was a baby now, and his life ended happily like a baby!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Vourvourou: the most beautiful village in Chalkidiki

   Do you want to live the best vacations ever? Visit Vourvourou, a very beautiful place in Chalkidiki.

    Vourvourou is a village, near Agios Nickolaos, in Chalkidiki and it's located in the northwest of the peninsula Sithonia.  It's very beautiful because of  its beaches, its hotels and restaurants. It's not very famous, I think, but if you visit it you won't be disappointed.
     About its history: in the 10th sentury the area was known as ''the land of Vourvourou'', which hasn't changed a lot. During an excavation in 1974, ruins of  the monastery Leromnimon were discovered close to St. Mary's chapel.   
    One of its most beautiful and quiet beaches is in Diaporos.  An island of Vourvourou and you can travel and go fishing with Captain Pantelis' boat over the turquoise water. If you want to find him don't forget to go for a walk, there where boaters land their boats. You can also go on picnics with your family and friends.
    If you want a great hotel to relax and live the best vacations in Vourvourou go to Ekies All Senses Resort.  A  4,5  hotel in Vourvourou or you can rent an appartment.
   Finally I hope you liked this description and don't forget to visit Vourvourou!


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Review of a TV show

Three weeks ago I found out about an American TV show called America’s got talent.Lots of people of different ages watch it because it is very popular.It is an awesome talent show with four judges and one presenter.

The good thing about this TV show is that there are many differents acts ,like dancing ,singing and magic tricks but my favourite ones are funny acts.Also, sometimes there is a famous guest star who I like a lot. Finally, the atmosphere of the show is friendly and relaxed.

The only bad thing about the show is that sometimes the judges are too strict with the contestants.Then the contestants may feel disappointed, angry or unhappy.This too sad to watch.

On the whole, I would recommend this TV show because it is amazing.If I were you ,I would find the episodes on YouTube.You will love them!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Imagine dragons

      Imagine Dragons are a pop band from Las Vegas consistin of the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, the guitarist, Wayne Sermon, the bassist, Ben McKee and the drummer, Daniel Platzman. However, the true meaning behind the band's name is a secret. The group says that Imagine Dragons is actually an anagram made up of the letters of different words, but they won't tell what the original words are!
     Imagine dragons have won 3 American Music Awards, 9 Billboard Music Awards, 1 Grammy Award and 1 World Music Award. And they have been together as a band since 2008 until now and they're getting better and better. 
     They have written too many songs, but some of them are most famous than the others. Like; Believer, Thunder, Demons, Radioactive and On the top of the world. Their first song is It's time.
      So if you don't know them don't lose your time! In my next post I'm going to put videos of them!


About me

  I'm Melpo. I'm 12 years old and I'm keen on singing and dancing. I started dancing when I was 5 and I still dance.  I only dance hip hop and not traditional dancings or ballet. It's not because I hate them, but because they don't fit me. About singing now, I have been singing 10 years. I thing I'm beter at singing han dancing. But I like them both. There's only one reason that I love dancing and singing. It's that when I'm dancing or sining I'm being myself.
  On my free time I cycle with my friends or I  play with my cats. I love cats that's why I have 12 of them in my garden. My most favourite are Houdini and Snow White. I really enjoy writing on my computer and reading my book, too.
 Yes, I'm new here and I'm very excited! By he way don't forget to smile!😊❤️
                                                                             Bye for now!

Monday, April 2, 2018


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