Tuesday, October 15, 2019

My favourite book

My favourite book is <<The adventures of Sherlock Holms>>.The writter is Arthur Conan Ntoil.The book contains 6 mysterious story's:The organization of redheads,A recognition case,The mystery of the boscomb valley,The mysterious beggar,The engineer's finger and the polite bachelor
My favourite story is <<The organization of redheads>>.It's funny story but also is interesting.It's an organization only from redheads that they want to kill Sherlock Holms.So Sherlock Holms with his friend Watson they want to find why the organnization  want to kill Sherlock.
It's a very interesting book and I would recommend you to read this book

Thursday, October 10, 2019

My favourite movie

  My favourite movie  is Descedants.There are three movies of descedants but I haven't  seen the new movie of them yet.The main characters are Mal (Dove Cameron),Evie (Sofia Carson),Carlos (Cameron Boyce) ,Jai (Boubou Stiouard),Uma (China Anne Mc Clain) and Ben (Mitchell Hope).A day some kids from the island of the lost,go to the castle ,that is across of the island .The kids or teenagers are Mal the daughter of Maleficent,Evie the daughter of bad step mother ,Carlos the son of Cruella de vil and Jai the son of Tzafar (I think).They are going there to steal Fairy gotmother's magic stick ,actually Maleficent want this to become the queen.So the teenagers go,but then something happen .What is this?.Are the teenagers going to become good?Who knows ,you have to see it.
Are three of the best movies.


                         Take part in                                                   Proud
                         Explain                                                          Tester
                         Explanation                                                   Winner
                         Good ear for                                                  Prize
                         Russia                                                           Abroad
                         Greeting                                                        Oppasite
                          Greet                                                             Rule
                         Chinese                                                         Succes
                          Portuguese                                                   Various
                          Hidden                                                         Mean
                          Customer                                                     Definition
                          Pronanciation                                              Explanation
                          Take part in                                                 Pronounce
                          Move                                                           Translate
                          Carry on                                                      Understand
                          Chance                                                         Foreign
                          Strict                                                            Useful

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


    One of my favourite friend is Mary.She is very beautiful girl.She has long brown hair and brown eyes.She is fit and she has got a pink backbag.Her favourite sport is riding a horse.She is very good at this. She likes  painting pictures.She is very good at French.She visited Paris last year.Ooh!I forgot.She is a very smart person!!!

Interview with a star

  My star is the European Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champion.His first name is Dimitris and his surname is Petropoulos,his nickname is Michos and his full name is Dimitris Petropoulos.
  He is very famous because he is a European brazilian Jiu-Jitsu chapion and he is a brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and he is my teacher and we call him Micho.
  He is a kind and very friendly person. I believe I’m very lucky that he is my trainer and my friend.
Image result for petropoulos dimitrios

Friends forever

One of my best  friends is Marianna  Tzorbatzaki.She likes dancing ,especialy zumba and latin.She is an  confident and extrovert person  with strong personality .She is  friendly,too.She has blond hair and brown eyes.Also,she is clever,happy and she has fun,she isn't as  sporty as me but never mind.


A few days ago we were asked to complete an exercise where we are a famous person an we are in an interview.So I chose Hayden Christensen who  plays in my favourite films:STAR WARS:ATTACK OF THE CLONES and STAR WARS:REVENGE OF THE SITH.In the film he is called Anakin Skywalker.At the start he is a Jedi but at the end he becomes a Sith lord.He also had a wife,but she died after she bred two children.He is now 38 years old and he's handsome


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Oxford University Press Competition

An amazing photography and story-writing competition for an iPad Air as the ultimate prize! The participants must be above 18 years of age and they must take a photograph from a different angle which will be combined with a 150-word story to explain the significance of the shot. Read the official webpage of the competition for more information.


Saturday, October 5, 2019

My favourite songs

I have lots  of favourite songs ,so I will tell you some of them.First,is the song old town road that it is sung by  Lil Nas  X with Billy Ray Cirus . Second , the songs  new rules ,be the one  and the singer is Dua Lipa.Then  the be born ready ,Dove Cameron and finally the song Senorita ,Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Do you like robots? What do you think they will be like in the future?

My Sunday

I think my Sunday  was pretty good . In fact, on Friday I had a cold  and I  had  sore throat ,too .It hold on until Saturday and  I was all the time with a tissue,but  the next day I was better.Then on Sunday I went to the beach,Swallow beach.Also the weather was very good , the sea was like oil and I swam there ,I ate something and in the afternoon we went home.That was my Sunday.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

My thoughts about the movie ''Freedom writers''

I always believed that race and colour don't count amd of course I've encouraged many people to change or try something they wanted. Eventually they always succeeded.
''Freedom writers'' was an incredible movie about people of different race who believed in themselves and did their best. They had a little help from their encouraging and clever teacher, but in the end they made it! And you know why? Because they tried harder and harder, they worked, they studied and eventually they got what they wanted. They went to college, where they worked the hardest they could to have a great life.  
If you want to succeed, you have to remember that you are going to fail many times, but that doesn't make you stupid, it makes you stronger. We always learn things from our mistakes. So do your best and you will always succeed.
Here is the link for the trailer:
Trailer for ''Freedom writers''                
Image result for freedom writers

Friday, April 5, 2019

Does Hector know English?

When you go on holidays you always have to use some tips to help you to survive in this extremely hard world!!😂

⇛First of all, when you go to a new country, you MUST know English or the language which is being using in the country you visit or you will be like Hector whose English doesn't make sense!

⇛Check the weather forecast and take the right clothes with you! 🌈

⇛Take enough money with you so you can buy anything you want without thinking if you are going to run out of money!

⇛Take your phone with you so you can communicate with your friends and family and take your earphones with you too!!!

⇛ If the weather is good, take for sure a sun cream and your swimsuit.🌞

⇛Be sure that you have a map, so you won't get lost!

These are my tips and I wish that you will find them useful!!😊

Holidays tips by Hector.

💟Before you pack your suitcase, check the weather to take the right clothes.

💟Always have a bottle of water with you if you want a little water.
💟Download songs in your mobile phone if you feel bored.

💟When you pack your suitcase, roll your clothes so as to save room and keep them tidy.

💟Brings your books with you if you feel bored.

💟Take lots of photos for remember this day.☻☺    

Top 5 tips for your holiday.

As everybody knows, parents are keen on photography and much more ,so that they make you all the time stay and smile on ,just because they want to take a picture of you,  on a tower for example.

So ,as a teenager, you should know these tips ,just for you!You don't have to spend much time or do something differrent or unusual,you just have to listen to me.OK? FINE.

The first one is to take your camera in order to take pictures of you,whenever you want.The second one is to take your own luggage, so that you don't have to make arrangements for how many clothes you will take.The third one is to take your bottle of water, so that you needn't ask them, all the time to find a place for water.However, if you do that on the way to the supermarket, they will make an excuse to take a picture of you again!The fourth  one is to have your own money, because if you ask all the time, for just 1$, they will waste all their coins, so that you won't be able to to go to parks that need coins!

Finally, the last one is to read our article and take our tips for a fabulous family holiday!