Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cool IQ test videos from thomas8april

thomas8april is a famous youtuber that I have been watching lately. He makes different kinds of videos about test IQ or other tests, like awareness tests.Yesterday I saw some really cool videos I would like to share.Here I will only post two of his videos, but if you want too see more go here!


  Those videos are an IQ test and a test of awareness!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Japanese Anime!

   People could say that cartoons are like animes.They look the same and they have a lot of diferent episodes.Today I'm going to talk about an anime Called Fairy-Tail.Fairy-Tail is is in my opinion the best anime.Fairy-Tail's plot is about wizards and dragonslayers that grow and become stronger and stronger.Most of the wizards in this world called Fiore are in a guild.Guild is a group of usualy powerful wizards that are gathered together to train and make their guild the most powerful in Fiore.Wizards could have diferent kinds of magic from each other or maybe the same sometimes.On the other hand, Dragonslayers are more rare.They are supposed to have been trained by dragons when they were kids and they have now the ability to use the dragon's magic.There are a lot of different kinds of dragons and every dragonslayer has the magic of the dragon that trained him.

  In the video below you can see four dragonslayers fighting each other.They are two from the Fairy-Tail guild and two from the SaberTooth guild.The first one from the Fairy-Tail guild, the fire dragonslayer is Natsu.The second one is Gajeel the iron dragonslayer. At the other side, SaberTooth's first dragonslayer is Sting, a white dragonslayer.And the second one is Rogue, a shadow dragonslayer.

Internet and social networking

   Everybody now is using the computer. Pe╬┐ple have at least one kind of new technology at home or in their working place. But is the interet and social networking safe?
   To begin with, children and especially teenagers spend too many hours in front of the computer screen. That might damage their eyes or cause them to have some other health problems. Also, the passionate net users might be unsociable because they spend most of their time chatting than talking to other people outside. They "become" part of the computer and they may lose their real friends. Their parents advise their children to stop, but they only thing that they succeed in is to make their children angry with them.
   However, the internet has its bright side. For example, some children cannot express their feelings face to face and chatting with friends is a way to achieve that. Moreover, (comma) they can look up for information and improve their language. Every person wants to keep up with everyone's news and that's why they turn to the social networking places.
   Taking all this into consideration, I think that parents should let their children be at (use) the computer for some hours because it is good to talk with their friends or learn new things by surfing on the internet. It must be noted that children and teenagers must be responsible so that they will prevent avoid health problems or losing their real friends.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Japanese anime

I think that everone here have seen cartoon! But how many have seen anime from Japan which are all awesome. They are all extraordinary and special. None of them have the same plot or setting that's why I've seen 7-8 kinds of them. Every anime series has between 200-800 episode. One of my favourite anime from all of them is Naruto. I like it most because they have some insane power and I like the villains more :D
Here's is a video of my favourite Naruto episode and the one named Uchiha Madara is the strongest villain ever existed. Just watch how he can beat about a whole ninja anbu on his own! I'm sure you'll love it.

My secondary Hobby

First of all, my second Hobby that I do when I have free time is doing freestyle with a football. It involes hitting the ball as many times as possible , not letting it fall down and of course do some tricks with it in mid-air! I ussually practise at my neighbourhood and sometimes home. Also you don't need a lot of space for that.When I'm doing it i don't want anyone to interrupt me, because you lose control and of course the ball will fall down.The most fantastic thing is the feeling when you can finally be able to complete a new trick which it's very difficult and that you've managed to do it after a lot of effort. I used to do some easy tricks about 3-4 years ago but the last 3 months I've been practising to learn some new skills. It also helps me with football! The inspiration that led me to do that was my main hobby of course. It was football and some youtube videos as well! I do it about 3-4 times a week and I'm getting better day by day , but I'm still  at the semi-begginer level. My freestyle idols are two! The first one is Andrew Hederson who's from England and also he's the world's champion best freestyler in the air freestyle. The other one is Sean Garnier from France who's the panna master!I've managed to learn some new tricks from some tutorials at the Youtube, but still I want to get better and someday make my own Youtube videos!

Here are some videos about Andrew Hederson and Sean Garnier:

Meeting Patricia

 A few days ago our English class had the great apportunity to interview Patricia Johnston! She's an American woman who leaves in France. She's a very talented musician and a lyrics writter, too! Her job is music company and also managing young talents and also older ones. She also plays the violin at high level notes. For us it was a very good experience not just to improve our English speaking ,but also to talk to a person from another country who's also a professional artist. Patricia also loves jazz anf mostly folk music  which I don't really like, but in my opinion it's the kind of music that she can express herself! 

By the time we were little kids, at our English shcool we are used to doing a celebration at the end of the school season where we are given some roles to play and also at the end of it we sing a song. Well 7 years ago our English teacher chose a fantastic song for kids and it turned out that it was written by Patricia Johnston! Seven years from then and I still remember most of the lyrics, because some things are just unforgettable! That was all from me. I'm sorry that I can't tell you about the artists that Patricia manages , because I couldn't find them and I finally wanted to tell Patricia to keep on doing what she does. You do a great job Patty,good luck! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

My impressions of a conversation on Skype with Patricia Johnston

    A few days ago we had a really nice conversation with Patricia Johnston.Patricia Johnston loves music and plays instruments as well.But Patricia Johnston is running her own music company, so she was able to tell us a few things about her company and some briliant musicians she cooperates with.After our nice conversation we all knew some new things about her company and music.

   Patricia told us that she was making music for kids!The music she makes for kids is briliant.When we was kids we were singing this music from our books without even know it was made by her company.



  She also told us about some really good musicians she is cooperating with.One of them is Gilad Hekselman, a young talented musician which is playing the guitar really well.Gilad Hekselman is mostly playing Jazz music which is another kind of music that Patricia likes a lot.I love jazz music too!


   After a little while Patricia told us was that her favourite kind of music is folk music.She recomended us one of  her favourite musicians Mory Kante. Mory Kante is a famous African musician.He is really talented and i like his songs too!


     And the last thing Patricia told us was a talented violinist from Denmark called Line Kruse.Line Kruse is famous worldwide.She has a lot of fans all over the world and she has made a lot of songs.


~Find Me A Hobby~

 If you are bored now in your school half-term and you don't know with what you can waste your spare time, it's time to visit the english site Find Me A Hobby (press here to visit the site)

 In this site, you can find a lot of ideas of what to do in your free time. It has a bunch of categories with kind of hobbies arts and crafts, bizarre hobbies, for instace.

Something that made me very excited in the beggining was that it has got monthly hobbies. However, I thing that they are for people who live in other countries... Don't mind! I'm sure you'll find a lot of other interesting things there!

 Here's a photo of the starting page in this website:

~Real Friendship~

Grow Your Friendships at The Friendship Page! :)

Recently I visited an awesome website about friendships.Press here to visit the website.It talks about friends and it gives you useful information about how to find real friends.It has also got a variety of poems,songs,quotes and movies which give you  nice messages all of them.This site also gives you ideas about presents and cards that you can offer to a friend.If you want to find a friend,I think  it's the suitable site to visit!

Here are some of my favourite quotes which talk about true friendships!

 "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
 -Walter Winchell

"A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else." 
- Len Wein - Sent by Paulo Louro

"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life." 
- (sent by Dior Yamasaki)

If you want more press here

Visit and you won't regret it!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

~My impressions of a nice conversation on skype with Patricia Johnston~

Recently,our english class communicated on skype with a very talented person,Patricia Johnston!In my view it was an awesome experience.Patricia is a very nice person.She's an artist!She writes music,she sings,she plays the violin and she manages a hole music company!She's amazing.It was very pleasant for me to have the opportunity to communicate with a person like that.I practised my english and I learnt a lot about music.In my opinion,music is another way to express your feelings,is a magical journey which leads you into places which you had never met before.I love music and Patricia told us things about it  which made me feel very amazed! 

Furthermore,Patricia manages a company who writes songs for kids!That's cool.Approximately,7 years ago we used to sing these songs and it was very touching when, a few days ago, we realised that Patricia was the manager of this company.

Kids-Factory-Volume-1Kids Factory Volume 2Kids Factory Volume 3

Patricia told us that she likes folk music a lot but she also loves jazz music..Personally, jazz music is splendid!I really like the saxophone and I want to learn how to play it when I get older.

Patricia mentioned a lot of young artists, too like Line Kruse and Gilad Hekselman.She also said that it will be launched, soon a disc with music of Frederic Chopin.He's my favourite classic musician and I really like playing his music on  my piano!

                                                                                                                                                                                           Line Kruse

All in all, I got very pleased with our discussion.We asked her some questions about her job and she answered happy in all of them!I hope, we'll have the chance to have a conversation like that, soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

~Talking about music on skype with Patricia Johnston: My impressions~

 A few days ago, we had the opportunity to discuss with the musician, artist manager and company director Patricia Johnston about her job and ask her some questions we might had. It was an amazing experience. Not many people have the opportunity to communicate live with other people from different countries and speak English with them. A big thanks to Ms. Christina Markoulaki who managed this "meet up". 

 Patricia answered to all of our questions and she told us some things about her job. She also introduced us some mucisians who personally, I really liked. 

 First, she introduced us Gilad Hekselman, a young talented guitarist, who is specialised in jazz music. Here's a site where you can find some useful information about Gilad's Summer Tours 2014, a photo gallery with some photos of Gilad, download some Gilad's songs e.t.c. Gilad Hekselman PRESS HERE TO VISIT THE SITE. My favourite Gilad's song is Gilad Hekselman- This Just In.

When we asked Patricia what her favourite kind of music was, ahe told us that liked all kinds of music but she loved listening to folk music. She mentioned us one of her favourite musicians Mory Kante. Mory Kante is a famous West African musician, best known internationally for his 1987 hit song "Ye ke ye ke".

 She also mentioned us Line Kruse, a danish violinist and composer who is famous worldwide. Every year she performs all over the world and she has a lot of fans. Here's a site where you can find every thing you would like to know about Line. Line Kruse PRESS HERE TO VISIT THE SITE.

 My favourite part of this duscussion was when Patricia told us about the kids music factory she runs. Almost everyone love kids music. Personally I adore it. I think it's so cute! So, she runs a kids music factory with songs obviously for kids. When we were younger, we used to sing these songs with Ms. Markoulaki and they helped us to improve our English. Here's the kids music factory site:


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~Writing a Story~

I rushed along in panic. I was late again, and today was the one day that I really couldn't be late. The sun was rising. However, I had to go to the planet Mars before the sunset because the bad alien told me that I had three days to save the Earth from his terrible powers. Three days before the sunset I had to bring him the most precious diamond in the world. I was riding as fast as I could on the space road with my white horse.

Suddenly, five green, creepy aliens came to us and started fighting. While I was trying to kill an alien, another alien came behind me and hit me on my neck. I fell down. When I woke up, my horse wasn't anywhere. I was trying to find it for half an hour. I didn't know what aliens did to it.


I was very sad, but I had to complete my mission. So, I started running nervously on the space road, but it was too rough for me and I couldn't arrive in time to save the Earth from the aliens without my horse. While I was rushing on the road, I heard gallops. It was my horse. However, it wasn't a horse anymore! It was a well-built, big pegasus with enormous white wings and strong legs. It was more powerful than it was before.

It took me on its back and I started riding. I was exhasted, but we arrived in Mars. There was the Bad Alien with his guard. I knew that I mustn't give him the diamond. But what could I do? There was something that caught my eye. It was a big ball with a gap. The gap had the diamond's shape. I immediately threw away the diamond to that ball. It broke to a hundred pieces. All the aliens suddenly disappeared.
"Vasiliki wake up! Wake up!" I woke up. It was just a dream. My mum was pushing me. However, I didn't want to wake up. It was such a good dream.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1984 by George Orwell: A book that you must read!

 I'm not going to explain everything about this book because it has many surprises and it would be better to discover them by yourselves.

  You might not like the book because its cover is not very attractive but don't judge it by the appearance. The inside might be different from the outside.

  The story takes place in 1984 as the title mentions it. Winston Smith is the main character who lives in a world where Big Brother and the Party control everything: the citizens,the past... There are cameras everywhere and there is no freedom at all. You can't think or fall in love or even be sad. No natural feelings. They change and rewrite history so citizens can't remember the truth about their past. The other thing that they do is that they "create" a new language. They shape and limit people's ideas. Winston dreams of a better world. Will his dream come true?

  I haven't read all the book yet and I have a lot of questions, but I've loved it since I've started it. It is the book that you should have in your library. Also, there are a lot of movies based on the book.

Visit this site about Dracula

Street art!

         A place that everyone art enthusiast must visit!


It is an art gallery that is located in Athens. Three talented men have the idea of showing their works of art.


 Street art and graffiti is the way that many people protested about  something to the goverment. Moreover, street art is a way to communicate and to show how you are feeling!  

Nowadays, street art has increased importantly and is in common can be seen everywhere!


The fist time that street art took place in Greece was in 1980. In 2011 -when the financial crisis had appeared- a huge number of artists created many works of art some of which were destroyed.

Monday, July 7, 2014

~The best place for a day out~

Dear Editor,

I am writing to nomimate "TALOS Plaza" for the best place for a day out.

"TALOS Plaza" has been inspired from the better known department store called "Mall", in Athens. The great thing about it, is that it is situated in front of the sea, so you will have a spectacular view of the sea and the atmosphere is magic and clear. Every year, this place is visited by a lot of people, especially adolescents and middle-aged people. "TALOS Plaza" has a wide range of different kinds of shops. There are some shops, where you can find clothes, shoes and bags. In these shops, apart from clothe stuff you will also find some jewellery and make-up stuff. Moreover, there is a huge shop where you can find necklaces and beads, make your own necklace and be sure your creativity will automatically increase d. I was impressed when I first saw it. However, these are not the only things you can do there. There are some cafes, fast-food and traditional restaurants, a "game" room for the video games lovers and many other facilities.

When we decided with my friends to spend our day in "TALOS Plaza", it was absolutely fascinating! I have to say, that it was one of the best decisions we have ever taken.First, we saw a movie at the cinema, then we went to the "game room" and played some games. After that, we went to the beach in front of "TALOS Plaza". Then, we went back and ate at one of its restaurants and finally we went to a cafe. The girls and I were looking at the shops all the time, so the the boys let us to take a look at all shops. However, the did not come with us. They sat at the "Sports Cafe" and they were watching football matches and playing some games until we finished. It was a day out we particulary enjoyed.

To sum up, "TALOS Plaza" is a brilliant place for a day out and I recommend it to anyone. I hope this place wins the competition.

Yours faithfully,
Vasiliki Tziraki

Comments: Fantastic letter, Vassilikoula! The only (small) problem seems to be that you sound too informal even though it is a letter to the editor of a newspaper. We'll discuss more tomorrow. Great blog post, as usual!

The best place for a day out.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to nominate Agia Galini as the best place to go for a day out.


Second paragraph: general information about the place---> where is it? What can you do there?

Agia Galini has some really beautiful beaches and hotels to stay in and it is definitely worth going! (You used present simple and now past simple, why?) The sea there was gorgeous and peaceful.It was the best place to calm down and relax.We were also impressed with the food!In the hotel we were staying the food was brilliant and we enjoyed every single delicious piece of it! Another aspect of the visit that we particularly enjoyed was the rooms and the people!Our rooms were big and clean and the people were so kind and helpful that we were feeling like home.

All in all, Agia Galini is, (comma) in my point of view, (comma) is the best place to go on a day out.I think that you will relax and feel peaceful and that is what everybody wants for a day out.That is why I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Yours faithfully,
Tilemahos Kastrinakis.


Comments: That is an amazing text Tilemachos, full of new words and phrases, but why has paragraph two disappeared? :-) Be careful with the paragraph plan and be ready for more blogging adventures!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Visit Lygaria!

Dear Editor,

I am writing to nominate Lygaria as the best place for a day out in Heraklion Crete!

Lygaria is very peaceful place to spend a day out with your family or friends. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete and also its sea is just wonderful. Lygaria is like a closed beach surounded by some awesome hills that makes it perfect. Because of that, there are many waves. Lygaria's sea is absolutely clean, because instead of water is has a cliff at the beginning of the sea and then some rocks and just a little bit of sand. At Lygaria you can't do many activities, like go windsurfing (unfortunately, you can't go surfing because there are no waves), you can drive a jet ski or be driven and just stay in an inflatable banana.Also, you can go scuba diving if you want! Lygaria is not only known about the beaches but also about the food they make there and how open handed are the locals are there. You can buy lots of souvenirs there and eat some delicious seafood. Even though (no comma here) it hasn't got many hotels, you can just rent some houses which look to the sea. Lygaria also has many attractions that you don't have to miss!

Well, the first time I went to Lygaria it was 2-3 years ago and the reason was that my cousins invited me there for a day there. They had already rented an apartment there a few days before. So I went with my family. In the first sight I got amazed from that natural beauty that, that small place possessed. I did many things there with my cousins and my other relatives there: we swam , we ate, we dived from the hills and also went exploring the place and the sea with our masks. The sea inside was brilliant with all that colourful sea animals that we saw there. We played rackets there,too!

To sum up, even though it is not such a touristic place, (comma) it really is an extraodinary place and I could spend weeks there without leaving for even a day! I would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to spend a day out or even their summer holidays.

Your faithfully,
Kristian Vishka
Further comments: Kristian, your text and photo are amazing as usual, but be careful when you write a letter to the editor. It must be a little more formal. It is not a magazine article. We'll say more in person. Great effort!

Which superhero are you?

Hello to everyone!Yesterday I visited a really nice website whch ask you some questions about superheroes in order to discover whch superhero you are!If you want to visit the site press here.

Here is the quiz:

Do you like to fly?
No  Yes
Do you like to wear a cape?
No  Yes
Are you very virtuous?
No  Yes
Are you a persistent do-gooder?
No  Yes
Are you somewhat reserved and easy going?
No  Yes
Are you an intelligent geek?
No  Yes
Do you like redheads?
No  Yes
Are you accident prone?
No  Yes
Are you a hopeless romantic?
No  Yes
Do you have a good sense of humor?
No  Yes
Do you like hi-tech gadgets?
No  Yes
Did you have a bad childhood?
No  Yes
Do you have a dark personality?
No  Yes
Do you wear thongs?
No  Yes
Do you have long hair?
No  Yes
Are you VERY comfortable with your body?
No  Yes
Do you value independence and privacy?
No  Yes
Do you ever wear a pushup bra?
No  Yes
Are you beautiful?
No  Yes
Are you good at reading people?
No  Yes
Do you like to be in the limelight?
No  Yes
Are you young at heart?
No  Yes
Are you good at acrobatics?
No  Yes
Are you a little naive?
No  Yes
Are you easily angered?
No  Yes
Do you have hidden strength?
No  Yes
Are you a loner?
No  Yes
Do you often hurt people without realizing it?
No  Yes
Do you move a lot?
No  Yes
Are you athletic?
No  Yes
Are you a fast runner?
No  Yes
Are you a flirt?
No  Yes
Are you extremely talented in only one area?
No  Yes
Will you sometimes go too far to get your way?
No  Yes
Are you interested in space travel?
No  Yes
Do you have strong willpower?
No  Yes
Do you have one object that you highly value?
No  Yes
Have you ever stolen anything?
No  Yes
Do you get in many physical fights with girls?
No  Yes
Do you like animals?
No  Yes
Do you use people to get your way?
No  Yes
Do you like bad boys(or girls)?
No  Yes
Are you much of a drinker?
No  Yes
Are you obviously powerful?
No  Yes
Are you a show off?
No  Yes
Do you like to build things?
No  Yes
Have you achieved a lot from hard work?
No  Yes

You can do it in your free time!Visit the site to learn the big result about WHICH HERO YOU ARE!!

~Superheroes, Villains, Teams and Superpowers~

  Hello ladies and jentlemen,I recently visited a splendid website about superheroes and I really got amazed from the information tha this site can give to us,the readers!In this site there is a special list which includes all the superheroes and gives us interesting information about themselves.I chose spiderman because he is my favourite and I found a lot of things about his appearance,his biography,his powerstats,his work and his relations.Here are some of my researches:





AliasesSpiderman, Bag-Man, Black Marvel, Captain Universe, Dusk, Green Hood, Hornet, Mad Dog 336, Peter Palmer, Prodigy, Ricochet, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Boy, Spider-Hulk, Spider-Morphosis
NicknamesSpidey, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Webslinger, Webhead, Spiderman
Place of birthNew York, New York
First appearanceAmazing Fantasy #15


Height5'10 // 178 cm
Weight165 lb // 74 kg
Eye colorHazel
Hair colorBrown


OccupationFreelance photographer, teacher
BaseNew York, New York


RelativesRichard Parker (father, deceased), Mary Parker(mother, deceased), Benjamin Parker (uncle, deceased), May Parker (aunt), Mary Jane Watson-Parker (wife), May Parker (daughter, allegedly deceased)
Group AffiliationMember of the Avengers, formerly member of Outlaws, alternate Fantastic Four
EnemiesGreen Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Mysterio I

I hope you found these information about spiderman,useful!If you want more information,visit the site and you want be disappointed!