Sunday, February 15, 2015


                      This is a review of 'Paradise', a Greek tavern in town where we went to celebrate a special occasion.
                      When we entered the restaurant, we were really impressed by the tasteful furniture and paintings, which there were there. Despite the decoration, the food was awful. For starters, we shared a salad, which had hair in it. For the main course, we had steaks and beef. Unfortunately, the meat had gone bad. In spite of this terrible food, the chocolate pudding for dessert was delicious.
                      The service was unsatisfactory, too. In spite of being very friendly, our waiter was rather slow and clumsy. We had been waiting for one hour before we ate and when the  waiter arrived, he dropped one of the three trays. 
                      In conclusion, I would not recommend this restaurant, and I believe that 'Hell' is a better name for it.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Restaurant review


          This is the review of " DA GIORGIO ", a restaurant in Siteia beach where we went to celebrate Christmas.
           When we entered at the restaurant , we saw a fountain at the middle of the restaurant and when we sat down the waiter came and took the order. In one hour the food was ready.We have ate all our food and the dessert. The dessert was very delicious; it was ice cream and waffle
         The service , however , was not very satisfactory . In spite of being very attentive , our waiter was a bit clumsy . He had already knocked a glass of water down on me , before we started eating and then he dropped my food.
           In conclusion , I would recommend this restaurant despite the poor service because it was friendly and good value for money. 

           three spoons

Saturday, February 7, 2015


The story of Benjamin Button was amazing . The first scene which I like is , when Mr and Mrs Roger Button had different ideas and they wanted their baby first at hopital but the other people wanted their babies at home. The second scene which I like is , when Mr Button broke a kitchen window when he played with his friends .

Monday, February 2, 2015



Everybody knows they are exciting because some television games have questions about geography or history. I have entered one television game and I lost, but did it matter ? No I dont think it did .
             This kind of competitions have lots of advantages.   First of all , competitions can be informative because you can answer history questions and you learn about the middle ages, for example . Moreover  if you win the game , you will get a lot of money .
                           What's more , they offer  valuable experience to all , because players will remember the time they were on TV for ever. Finally, if you enjoy taking part in them , you spend your time on questions games and that is good because you learn things .
                         In conclusion , television games are good whether you win or lose . Why not take part and test your knowledge?

                                    NICK ! 

My favourite scene from Benjamin Button's story

   My favourite scene from Benjamin Button's story was when Mr Button was waiting to see his child in the hospital.The doctor and the nurses were preparing him for that he would face.When he saw his child that is was an OLD MAN he thought that it was a hospital joke!!!He didn't believe that his child wasn't a baby but an OLD MAN!!It was a really shocked time for him!Mr Button didn't want to take him home but he had to!!

Benjamin Button:My favourite scene.

      My favourite scene was when Mr.Button wanted to see his child so he asked the angry  doctor Keene if  his child was a boy or a girl and the doctor told him to see it with his two eyes.First of all,Mr.Button met a nurse sitting behind a desk and he asked where his child was.When the nurse understood that the man was Mr.Button got upset so he was thinking that something terrible has happened to his child.Now,he was impatient,he wanted to see his child,he couldn't wait more and the nurse pointed her fingers to the stairs where another nurse was.What's more this nurse went upset when Mr.Button told her who he was.Finally, the nurse told him that his child was an old man.

My opinion about television competitions.

  We all know that television competitions are popular and impress a lot.Personally,I think that they are waste of time and overrated.
   Well,I have never entered one of them.My cousin has.He took part in 2003.What's more,he did not win,so he came back home sad.Additionally,he told me that the people who took part were    immature,rude and they thought they were the best.
    In addition to this,the second reason I don't like television competitions is that I think that television competitions are not as informative as we believe.For example I have seen some of them and I did not learn anything.
     Finally,I believe television competitions are a waste of time and you do not learn anything interesting with them.In cocnclusion,this type of games are not exciting and the people who work for them can be rude.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My favourite scene from "Benjamin Button"

My favourite scene of Benjamin Button's story is when Benjamin's father, Mr Roger went to a clothes shop to find some clothes for his son.The shop assistant asked him what type of clothes he was searching and Roger said,for a six hours baby.Of course the baby clothes were not very useful.He asked for boys clothes but he didn't find anything large enough for his son so the shop assistant asked him how old his son was.Roger answered that he was 'sixteen' years old.Finaly he found a costume for Benjamin but the shop assistant told him that this clothes were only for parties and not for everyday wear.He bought the costume from the surpised salesclerk and brought it to he's "baby".

My favourite scene from Benjamin Button's story.

                  My favourite scene from Benjamin Button's story was when Mr. Button went to the hospital, in order to see his child. When he entered his son's room he was surprised. His son was an old man with white hair!!! Just then, his son said him 'Are you my father?'. This was one of the funniest scenes of all in the story.