Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The ideal language school

An advertisement for a language school.

Do you want to improve your English?

Try Inspiration's Language School!


Inspiration's Language School, which is situated in beautiful countryside only 15 miles from London, runs a language school every summer. For seven weeks from 8th July to 31st August, Inspiration's School becomes Inspiration's Language School- a language school for everyone, including young children, native speakers aged 8-40 years old.

Accommodation and food

All students attending Inspiration's Language School sleep at the school in comfortable and well-designed dormitories, where well-trained and caring members of staff look after them. As for the food, we cater for students who are vegetarian, or for those who have particular dietary needs.


As well as well-equipped classrooms and other rooms, our school has an indoor swimming pool, a sports hall, a theatre (where you can also watch movies), tennis, basketball and volleyball courts and football pitches. Also, Inspiration's Language School has a library, where computers are included.

Course fees

Prices are per week and do not include flights to and from London.

For further information, call our office on 2736593.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comment on the video

My favourite character of the film  is Nick because he is so funny and I always laugh with him.Also I think the best scene is when Bridget hits Nick to get out of her bike.I saw the 1st and episode,and I think that it is very interesting.In conclusion my opinion about this episode is that in the end Annie and Bridget are fall in love with the mystyrious and rich Latin American.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Comment on the video

I think that the funniest scene of the film is when Nick teaches Hector to say "The dog is in the oven" to Annie, because he wanted to say that the dog is sleeping, then Annie was shocked and she try to find her dog. Also my favorite charachter was Hector because firstly he wasn't handsome and nobody wanted him and when Nick found that he is very rich and he has a lot of fast cars and a huge house he started to like him, also Bridget and Annie when she saw his fitted body they felt in love with him.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Extr@ English

My favourite character...

My favourite character is Nick.He is tall and skinny. He is handsome but not so buff. Also,he has blond hair and brown eyes.He has a weird nose.Nick is so funny.He sometimes becomes ridiculous because it makes ridiculous faces.He behaves stupidly in Bridget and in general.He likes Bridget.Ηis clothes are casual and simply.

Love at first sight...

I think it was love at fist sight.I believe them.This is the most romantic thing that can happen to someone.Of course you have to be a little lucky. Tis feeling is very nice because it can happen everywhere.Love is an unforgettable and incredible feeling.You must be careful because it can hurt your feelings.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comment on the video we saw in class

 A few days ago, my classmates and I went to the computer room and saw the first episode of Extra English. The main characters were Bridget and Annie who shared a flat, Nick who was their neighbour, Charley the dog and Hector who was Bridget's pen pal and was from Argentina. So I decided to describe you one of these character. Well, my favourite actress is Bridget. She is a tall with blonde curly hair woman. Furthermore she is keen on handsome boys. Also she is well-built and the reason is that she rides a bike every day but she doesn't want anybody to touch it. Moreover I would like to say what I would do if I were Nick. I would do the same things because if you want to beat someone , you must  do everything you can to be close to him even if the things you do are stupid. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get well soon !

Dear Manos

Hi! How are you ? I'm really sorry about your accident.I heard about your broken leg, but I can't come to visit you because I'm studying for  exams these days.I miss you! I will come to visit you at hospital as soon as I can. Please follow the doctor's advice to get better.I hope you will get well soon!

Best wishes,