Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My favourite gadget

                   Hello, everyone! My name's Katerina and I love gadgets . My favourite gadget is my mobile phone .I love searching the internet and learn about  interesting things from all around the world. I also like watcing the weather or talk with my friends about cool things. I love blogging , too. I  believe that it's important to share your opinion and your  ideas with other people.I really like spending my time with my friends, too.

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About myself

Hello,my name is Paul nad I am a member on the gadget gang and I love seeing videos on Youtube.My favourite gadget is my tablet because I can learn everything that I want to know and I can play some games.In my free time I watch videos and I play LOL. Sometimes I read something.


Me, a member of the Gadget Gang.

Hi! My name is Theodora and I am a member of the Gadget Gang. My favourite gadget is my tablet, because I can learn informatoin about the world, watching interesting videos and chating with my friends.I  enjoy playing volleyball. I am very good at it. I also like reading books. Especialy English books! I love listening to music and playing with my friends.

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