Saturday, January 31, 2015

My favourite scene from Benjamin Button

 My favourite scence from Benjamin Button story is when the  Button's  father thinks about him with he child when they return to the town. Some questions was in the back of his brain "What could the people say?". And then he says this is my son who born early this morning and he  made an impresssion on all those people who were surprised .

Friday, January 30, 2015

Video episode 1

EXTRA ENGLISH Episode 1 Hector’s Arrival SUB

New words:









Oh my goodness

Old fashioned


Acting agency


Be my guest

Spare room

Can I have a word?







Monday, January 26, 2015

A letter to Kylie

Dear Kylie,
 It was great to hear from you . If you do not know much about sharks and dolphins, you will learn a lot there at the trip. If you were lucky, you really enjoy it!
 First of all I want to explain to you that you will have a fantastic time there, but there are some dangerous things that you must be careful with. Although the sharks are very cute, I should warn you that you should not get too near them. If you are lucky, you will touch the friendly dolphins. When I went, I did not get seasick on the boat but other children got seasick so you must be ready for the trip (and take seasickness tablets). However, I had a fantastic experience.
 If I were you, I would take a camera/video with me to take photos and video because the view of the trip is pretty and I do not want to forget this experience. I suggest taking waterproof clothing because maybe you will walk when It rains. You will also need a suntan or hat because you will walk in the morning when the weather is shiny. It would be a good idea to take with you seasickness tablets I think they will help you or your friends. I hope you have a good time!
 I look forward to your reply and tell me how you spend your time on the trip.

A letter to Sean

Dear Sean,
   I am so happy to hear from you and that you are going to a Greek island.
   Last year I went to one of the most beautiful islands ,Santorini.If you have never ridden a donkey, this is the perfect place to do it.You can see the amazing sunset and you can swim in lots of beaches.Generally, in Greek islands the weather in summer is very hot and you have to be careful.Also you have to protect yourself from donkeys because sometimes they are little devils!!!
   I know that you are from north Scotland and you aren't used to hot weather, but you have to buy some clothes!Fist, you will need lots of T-shirts because it's very very hot in summer.What's more you will need shorts.You need insect reppelent because there are a lot of mosquitoes!Finally, the most important thing that you need is a hat to protect you from the sun.
   Well, I think that's all.If you want to ask me about something else, you can send me an email.I wish you to have a beautiful and amazing trip!

Best Wishes

Television Competitons

I think television competitons are very fun. Personally,I have always dreamt of entering one of them,especially when I was a little kid. Nevertheless,in my opinion,they are a little overrated.

I like the television competitions because they sometimes are informative. For example,when they ask you questions and if you answer wrongly,they show you the right answer,so you learn things.

In addition to this,you can win awesome prizes if you are good enough.For instance,if you answer the five first questions correctly,you will win 2.000$ or if you achieve 10 missions you will win a bike,computer,phone....

So television competitions are very fun,informative and you can win fantastic prizes,but there are a lot of things that are more exciting than them,like extreme sports.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Television Competitions.

          Television competitions are very common and impress a lot. Personally, I have always dreamt of entering one of them. 
             First of all, competitions are exciting, because they can be a lot of fun. I've always liked watching television competitions and if I entered one of them I am sure I would have a good time.
       In addition, they offer valuable experience, because they can be very informative and you can learn a lot by entering competitions. What's more, they aren't as easy as they look in the television, because you can't answer easily if you are under pressure.
         Finally, I think competitions are cool, because they have nice prizes, but winning isn't everything. In conclusion, competitions are good whether you win or lose.


Monday, January 12, 2015

A letter to Kylie

Hi Kylie,
   It was great to hear from you and that you're going on a trip.When are you leaving?
   I had an amazing experience at the ecological trip.If you don't know much about the sharks and the dolphins, you'll learn a lot there!!Although you will go on many excursions with a boat, I warn you that you shouldn't get too near the sharks.However, the dolphins are friendly and time passes nicely with them.If you're lucky, you'll really enjoy it!!
   If I were you, I'd take a camera with me, because there are lots of moments to capture and never forget them.It would be a good idea if you take with you suntan cream and hat.You'll also need seasickness tablets.I suggest taking waterproof clothing with you because the dolphins are little devils!
   Well that's all.I hope you have a good tome!
   Bye for now,

How I celebrated Christmas

      I spent the most of the time at home with my family. On Christmas Day my uncles,aunts,cousins and some friends of us came to our house to have dinner.This evening I laughed a lot because my older cousin is very funny and he tells very funny jokes.Although I didn't eat so much because I wasn't hungry. I spent the days between Christmas Day and the opening of the schools/ the day school started I spent them at my cousin's house.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Christmas Holidays

 I celebrated Christmas at home with my family. The weather was good most of the time. At Christmas Day We were with my family so my dad my mum my sister my grandmother and me. Two days after Christmas Day my brother married. The others days I went to my cousins. New Year Day we went to my uncle's house.

My Christmas holidays

I celebrated Christmas at my village which is near Chania.The weather was bad the most of the days.I spent these days with my family.I was planing to go for a walk in  Chania but the rain and the cold didn't let me. On Christmas day, all my family,(my uncles,aunts,my parents,my grandma,grandpa and some cousins) came to the house to eat dinner together and celebrate christmas.I had a fantastic time this evening.The other days when it wasn't raining I used to go to the field to help my parents and my uncles to collect the olives.Every night the stove was warm and I sat  near there reading a book or listening to music.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A letter to Kylie.

            Hi Kylie,
        It was great to hear from you and that you're going on an amazing trip. How many days does your trip last?
      I had an unforgettable time in my trip last year. If you don't know much about the sharks and the dolphins, you'll learn a lot of inforation about them, such as what they eat and where they live. Although the dolphins are friendly, I should warn you that the sharks are very dangerous and you have to come face-to-face with them! However, if you're lucky, you will swim with dolphins and you won't notice that a shark was going to bite you!

      If I were you, I'd take goggles with me and I suggest taking a swimsuit. You'll also need an underwater camera for videos with the dolphins and the sharks and a knife, if something goes wrong!
      Well, I think that's all. I hope you have a good time.
      Bye for now,