Thursday, March 21, 2013

Benjamin Button Quiz

What is the name of Benjamin Button's wife ? 
Hidlegarde Moncrief
Hildegarde Moncrief

What is the name of the doctor Benjamin's father met ?
Dr Keene
Dr Kenee
Dr Kene

What is the name of Benjamin's son ?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Waves Intermediate, page 115, exercise E

Student A is calling the hotel to learn some information about it; and Student B is the receptionist.

Receptionist: Hello! Paradise Hotel here. How can I help you?

Marina: Hello to you too! I would like to book a room in your hotel and I would like to learn some information. Could you please help me? 

Receptionist: My pleasure. Tell me your questions. 

Marina: First of all, how much do the rooms cost per night?

Receptionist: Well, we have several rooms. The big suites , which include 2 bathrooms, 1 king bed etc., the medium ones, where you can find 1 bathroom and 1 double bed etc.; and finally the small ones, which include 1 bathroom and 1 single bed. Also, we have some exceptions. We have some rooms, which include 1 bathroom and 2 double beds. Also, we have family suites. In which are you interested? 

Marina: I am interested in the medium one please,  because I'm travelling alone.

Receptionist: Very well. The medium room costs 25 euros per night. 

Marina: Great!  Another thing I wanted to know about is your hotel's facilities. Does it provide a swimming pool?

Receptionist: Of course and our hotel provides a swimming pool. I'm really sorry that I forgot to mention that the big suites include a swimming pool on their own, except the big ones, where other people can swim too.


 Marina: Thank you a lot. Well, could you tell me if your hotel provides  room and laundry service?

Receptionist: Naturally,  of course and our hotel provides these facilities to you. Can I help you with anything else?

 Marina: Υes. If you didn't mind. 

Receptionist: Of course and I don't mind, because it's my pleasure to satisfy our guests. Tell me. What else do you want to know about our hotel?

Marina:   You are very kind. Well, what time does the restaurant open and close?

Receptionist: The restaurant opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm.

Marina: Okay. Thank you very much. I have a last question for you. Could you tell me about hotel's facilities? 

Receptionist: Of course. Except the swimming pools, the restaurant, the room and laundry service, our hotel provides you a lot more.  For example: pool bars, saunas,  3 gyms, parking, playgrounds for children, football pitches, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. And also, our hotels has a computer room, a library and telephone in the rooms. 

Marina: I have to say that your hotel is really perfect. I want to book a room for one week.  Well, I'm leaving on Friday and I'll be there at night. Have you got a room for me? 

Receptionist:  Of course we have a room for you. As you mentioned, you want a medium one. Let me see. Well, which floor do you prefer, the fourth or the seventh?

Marina: The fourth please. 

Receptionist:  Very well then. Your room's number is 44, on the fourth floor, with 1 bathroom, 1 double bed , the telephone e. tc.  Could you tell me your name and your personal phone number please? 

Marina: Yes. My name is Caroline Collins and my phone number is 6956353054. 

Receptionist: Okay. Thank you very much. Our hotel is waiting for your arrival. Have a nice flight. 

Marina: Thank you very much.

Welcome to the Sunshine paradise hotel!

            Welcome to the Sunshine paradise hotel!


Sunshine Paradise Hotel is one of the most popular and beautiful hotel around the world! It has over a thousand rooms and special facilities for you to enjoy. Our friendly and helpful staff will always help you with your problems and our rooms are the best way to relax because they have each one their own pool and a magical view of the sea. We hope you enjoy your stay here and we also hope find your information in this leaflet useful.

All guest may use the following facilities:
1. restaurants
2. Bar room
3. Swimming pools
4. Gym
5. Spa and sauna
6. Playgrounds and theamatic parks
and lot of others facilities just for you

Useful phone numbers;
Reception 100
Room service 101
Laundry service 102

The hotel restaurant is open from 7.30a.m. to 10p.m. every day.

Enjoy your staying!!!


-         HELLO. Paradise  hotel here. How could I help you?
-         Hello. I want some information about your hotel. Firstly, I would like to know haw much the room costs per night.
-         The cost for one night is 90 pounds. But if you stay for 5 or more there are some special offers.
-         Ok. Also I want to know if you provide room service or laundry service.
-         Of course we provide both room and laundry service for anything that you want.
-         Furthermore, I want to know what time the restaurant opens and closes.
-         The restaurant opens at 7 am and closes at 11 pm.
-         My last question is what other facilities your hotel could provide to me.
-         Our hotel provides two swimming pools and two restaurants. In addition it provides a bar, a gym, and a sauna. Moreover, it provides parking and free internet.

Exercise E Page 115

Exercise E

 A dialoge between a receptionist and a guest

Mr Smith; Good morning! This is Mr Smith. Could I book a room?

Receptionist; Good morning sir! You have called the Sunshine paradise hotel. How could I help you?
Mr Smith; I wanted to know how much a double room costs for three days overnight staying.
Receptionist; Well, there is a special holiday packet which costs 150 pounds including accommodation   breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mr Smith; O, that's really economical! Could you inform me about the special facilities which your hotel has.
Receptionist; Of course. We have three swimming pools, a gym, a sauna, a restaurant and a bar room. But we also have access to the Internet, room service and telephone in the room.
Mr Smith; Hmm, that sounds great for a busy businessman. Might I have the timetable with the time which your restaurant closes and opens?

Receptionist; Our restaurant is open from 7.30 til 10p.m.
Mr Smith; Oh, thank you very much! I have a last question for you... Could you tell me if you provide a laundry service.
Rceptionist; Yes of course. You can have your suit pressed and cleaned any time Mr Smith.
Mr Smith; That is a big help for me. My secretary is going to inform you about my arrival. Thanks a lot!

Welcome to The Grand Hotel !

                   Welcome to The Grand Hotel !

Firstly, my hotel is in front of the deep blue sea.The view is amazing.In addition, the hotel has 300 luxurious rooms which include everything you want. The staff is really friendly and they will make sure your holidays will be unforgettable.As for the location, the Grand Hotel is situated 30 km from Heraklion in a beautiful coast . The hotel includes huge gardens with many trees and colourful flowers ,sport facilities and swimming pools. Just like paradise!

     We hope you enjoy your stay here. We also hope you find the information in our website useful.

  All guests may use the following facilities :

  • Swimming pools for adults , teenagers and children.
  • A well-equipped gym and sauna.
  • Tree restaurants and bar room.
  • Access to the Internet.
  • Football pitches, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts

  The hotel restaurant is open from 7am to 12pm every day .

Just take a look at our hotel !

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Paradise Hotel

             An information leaflet for a hotel 

Welcome to The Paradise Hotel! 

The Paradise Hotel is located near the ocean and it is worth visiting. Outside, it's a very pleasant place with big gardens and many pools. Here we have to mention that in each big suite there is an extra pool except the big ones, which other people use too. Inside, as you enter there is the reception, where friendly and helpful staff can help and inform you about whatever you need. Naturally, there are many rooms, which are very comfortable, as they are well-equipped.

We hope you enjoy your stay here.  

We also hope you find the information in this leaflet useful. 

All guests may use the following facilities : 

  • room service 
  • restaurant
  • pools and pool bars 
  • saunas
  • playgrounds for children
  • football pitch 
  • volleyball, basketball and tennis courts
  • computer room 
  • library
Useful phone numbers:

Reception 100 


The hotel restaurant is open from 8 am. to 10 pm. every day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Prizoner Of Zenda

                                             THE PRISONER OF ZENDA

The Prisoner of Zenda is the best book I have ever read. While I was reading it, I had some different and special thoughts. My favourite scene was when Rudolf and the King understood that they were exactly the same. I really recommend this book to all of you. You will love it and I am sure about this.

This book is about two men , the King of Ruritania and Rudolf an ordinary boy, who looked exactly the same and because of that, their lives connect in a unique way.

Wuthering Heights

    The novel which I read is called Wuthering Heights and the plot is fantastic. The story starts when Mr Earnshaw brings a dark, and small child into his house. But the child looks very strange to some of the family members and gradually all the family is in trouble. 
   One of my favourite scenes was at the start, when Ellen Dean, the maid of Lockwood, starts explaining to Lockwood the story of  Wuthering Heights. She told him about the mysteries of ghosts and she also told him about the Earnshaw family and more specifically about Hindley, Catherine and Heathcliff and their lives. Generally, the writter's description was very detailed and very impressive, too. Emily Bronte specifies the characters of all the people in a very different way from all the other writers. The book is  very romantic and depressing some times and that's why it attracts your interest. To sum up, I will recommend Wuthering Heights to you  because it is one of the most interesting novels I have ever read.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The museum I want to visit

The Cartoon Museum 

    To begin with, London is a country which has many museums for every person and for every interest, for instance science (The Science Museum in London), or  natural history (The Natural History Museum in London). Here we have to highlight that London has a Cartoon Museum too!  If you ask me in which museum I want to go, the answer is there....At the Cartoon Museum in London. The reason I want to go there isn't that I don't like the other museums I mentioned, but it's the fact that I like cartoons,  although I'm a teenager. Actually, I'm interested in Science, but I think that a museum of Science is an ordinary museums, where you can discover a lot of things, but also, I think that a Cartoon Museum is more unusual. Moreover, I  believe that every person like cartoons, so why not me?

 So, lets find out a bit things about this museum, shall we? 

   The Cartoon Museum is a London museum for British cartoons, caricatures, comic strips and animation. It has a library of over 5000 books and 4000 comics relating to the subject. The museums issues catalogues and features  a changing display of over 250 exhibits its collection of over 1700 original cartoons and strips. 

   As for its previous exhibitions they have included Ronald Searle, Pont, Mike Williams, Alice in Sunderland et.c.

  This is a picture of the museum  

So...we should have a trip to London, shouldn't we? 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Which museum would you like to visit and why?

  If I had the opportunity to visit a museum now, I would like to visit the Cinema Museum in Hollywood. I'm interested in cinema and movies so the Cinema Museum it's the suitable museum for me. I have visited a Cinema Museum before and it was great but Hollywood's cinema museum it's much bigger. There, except the fact than you can watch any black and white movie that you want and see oblations for famous stars like Marilyn Monroe, you can also see how a movie is created. By the way, if you like scary movies, in the basement of the museum all the caracters of horror and thriller films get alive to spook you! There are lots of others things to do there like; have autographes from movies stars, see uniforms which were used on films, have a look on star's waxwork e.t.c.!

So...Let's pay a visit!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

           DR.  JEKYLL  AND  MR. HYDE

   A few days ago, I read a really interesting book called "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". This book is a fiction novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson.The plot is really interesting and unexpected.The book starts like this...

   A lawyer  Gabriel John Utterson has taken certain interest in Mr. Edward Hyde ever since he trampled a little girl. Also,the crowd gathered forced Mr. Hyde to  retribution. However, the check he gave the girl was signed by Dr. Henry Jekyll.

   After that, Mr. Utterson also discovers that Mr. Hyde is the sole 
beneficiary of all of Dr. Jekyll’s wealth. Utterson tries to discuss the matter of Mr. Hyde with the good doctor who, as one might guess, doesn’t yield to any results.

   A year later, a member of the British Parliament is murdered and the maid identifies Mr. Hyde. Utterson confronts Dr. Jekyll who shows the lawyer a letter in which Mr. Hyde states that he will disappear forever.
Sometime later, suspecting filthy play Utterson breaks into Dr. Jekyll’s house where they discover Mr. Hyde who has just committed suicide by drinking poison. Through letters Utterson pieces together Dr. Jekyll’s double life.

I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in solving mysteries and reading adventure stories!