Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas in China

  People in China celebrate Christmas by lighting paper lanterns and put them on their houses,aditionally in China they decorate christmas trees,too but there they call them ''Trees of Light''.They call  them  like that because they decorate them with paper lanterns,paper chains and paper flowers.Children in China hang muslins stockings and they await for the visit of Santa Claus as we do.However,in their country they call Santa Claus,''Christmas Old Man''.mt

Every french home at christmastime displays a nativity  scene or creche. The criche is often peopled with little figures which are made by craftsmen in the south of france throughout the year . the craftsmanship involved in creating the gaily colored santons is quite astounding and the molds have been passed from generation to generation since the seventeenth century. 
                            The christmas tree has never been particullypopular in france, and thought the use of the yule log has faded the franch make a traditional yule log - shaped cake called the buche de nol , which means " christmas log " . The cake , among other foodin great a bundance is served at the grand feast of the seasons , which is called le iveilon .
                             French children receive gifts from Pere Noel who travelswith his stern disciplinarian companion . Im other places it is le petit Jsus who brings gifts.

nick kokkinos d class 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas In Romania

The tradition in Romania is for children to travel from house to 
house singing carols and reciting poetry and legends throughout the
Christmas season. The leader carries a large wooden star called a 
steaua, which is covered with shiny paper and decorated with bells 
and colored ribbon. A picture of the Holy Family is pasted in the 
star's center, and the entire creation is attached to a broomstick or 
stout pole. In Romania, Christmas and mid-winter celebrations last 
from 20th December to 7th January. The 20th is when people
 celebrate St. Ignatius's Day. It is traditional that if the family keep 
pigs, one is killed on this day. The meat from the pig is used in the 
Christmas meals.
The Christmas celebrations really begin on Christmas Eve, 24th, 
when it's time to decorate the Christmas Tree. This is done in the 
evening of Christmas Eve. In Romanian, Christmas Eve is called
 'Ajunul Craciunului'.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Informal letter giving information

Hi Kylie 
              It was great to hear from you .When are you leaving ?
              I had a fantastic time at my ecological trip last three months  , I learn about wildlife , but the hours are long , and  I should warn you that you have to get up early. If you don't know about strange species of animals and birds , you 'll learn all about them there. Moreover, everyone was friendly.
              If  I were you , I would take a video camera , binoculars , insect repellent and heavy boots. I would take insect repellent because in these areas there are many flies. I suggest taking a torch too.
                         I hope you have a good time.

                                 Best wishes

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Haunted Castle

 I was listening to music in my castle bedroom, when I heard a strange noise I knew that the castle was a graveyard before my family bought it. It was dark and it was raining but I was afraid, so started walking upstairs.
 The door creaked when I opened it. I waited for a minute but nobody spoke. Then I climbed upstairs. My heart beat. Suddenly, I listened to a scream. Then a ghost came behind me and I started running. Just then, the ghost said to me "I want your life". I was terrified. I had lost my temper and I started crying.
 A few minutes later, I woke up and I was upstairs and behind me was a knife. After that, I went to my bedroom quickly and I thought about all the things that happened to me before...

BBC/nature Webpage

BBC/nature is a very interesting webpage with exciting articles.For example "The "Lucy" fossil rewrote the story of humanity"
Forty years ago, on a Sunday morning in late November 1974, a team of scientists were digging in an isolated spot in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

Surveying the area, paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson spotted a small part of an elbow bone. He immediately recognised it as coming from a human ancestor. And there was plenty more. "As I looked up the slopes to my left I saw bits of the skull, a chunk of jaw, a couple of vertebrae," says Johanson......

And lots more! If you are interested in this type of sites, you can check it out: 

My opinion about the site called BirdLife International.

     I found the link for this site on my book.I like this site because the people that they made it worked a lot of there.When you visit a site you want it to make you read it. Well, this site made me read some of its articles and I learned many new things.When you open this site the first thing that you will see is the main page which is very colourful and nice,the second thing that I noticed is the fact that it has a ''search'' bar where you can type what you want to see from this site and it appears to you in a few seconds.
     Now let's talk about the things I learned.I read many weird names of rare birds like Brazilian Merganser;a black bird with a long mouth.This bird is like a chicken.Another rare bird is the Christmas Island Frigatebird; I read about this bird because I like Christmas.Well this long bird which is grey and black lives in Australia!In addition to this, I read about an owl called Forest Owlet.This bird was discovered in 1997!I was rooted to the spot when I saw it.It is a funny,brown owl which likes playing games.
     I won't tell you more.I suggest you visit this site,it is amazing.

New articles by our French e-pals!

- one about Séan Garnier
- one about 10 lucky students who are spending a week in Malta right now

You can write your opinion under one or both of these blog posts.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Future Giant Mobile Phones...

Mobile phones are and will always be a very useful gadget for many things.How much do you use your mobile phone?

In my opinion , mobiles are good and very useful because you can do many things with them like listen to music , download and watch films , text or phone in an emergency or you can use them as an alarm clock!However ,  they can become a bad habit if you use them too much.

I have read and heard that future mobiles will be much bigger than now. Also trousers and jeans fashion designers have already started designing trousers with bigger pockets!Future mobiles will be for sure smarter than now,because they will be able to do much more things.

In my opinion , mobiles connect us with other people and help us with many things in our daily life.What do you think and what is your opinion abour mobile phones?

Mobile Phones: A door to the future

          Do you know why mobile phones are useful? They are useful because you can do everything with them, but if you use them too much, they may be dangerous.
          I use the mobile phone in order to keep in touch with my friends and take photosand videos. I also listen to music, download films, play games, surf the internet and use it as an alarm clock.
          In the future, I think that mobile phones will have more functions and that they will be a very important part of our lives. They will probably be bendy and they will be able to change their shape.
          Mobile phones connect us with another world, the world of technology.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Biggest Invention!

  What do we do when we have forgotten the mobile phone at home? PANIC!! The mobiles are a part of our life.Some people can't live without them.
  Mobiles have advantages and disadvantages.Everyone knows the advantages.How about the disadvantages?The excessive use of mobile phones can cause problems to our health but also to our friends.
  Personally, I use my mobile phone in order to download and listen to music.I also use it to find information from websites.Finally, I use it to keep in touch with my friends through the social media.We can use mobile phones in order to play games, check our emails, e.t.c.
  The mobiles are a look at the future.In the future, I think mobiles will be smaller or bigger. No one knows!! Maybe they can fly and follow us instead of us carrying them. Perhaps in the future we won't need laptops or tablets. Mobiles are a new world!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

About Madame Tussauds New York

I would like to go to the Madame Tussauds  New York because I have heard good things about this museum and I saw and liked pictures. This museum has wax statues. This museum has been visited by many famous people such as:

Oscar winners, sports champions, newsmakers, pop goddesses,historical figures – smile widely and willingly pose for photographs. It has also got 14 attractions. This museum is one of the best museums in world.I would go one day to see it and take a picture with famous people.

Madam Tussauds Broadway section

The best place of New York

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space MuseumI would like to go in the intrepid sea,air and space museum.I choose this place because I like planes.
In this museum they have got lots of kinds of planes such as sumbarine,helicopters,spacecrafts and
aircrafts.This floating museum offers an interavtive exploration of USA military aboard 900 foot long aircraft carrier docked along the Hudson River. The planes are very noisier and very faster. The 13,000 square foot exploreum hall that is a hit with all kinds of ages.

Taxi in the water

I would like to go in the New York because there are having taxis in water,so it is a good experience to see the beautiful sea of New York in the summer.These taxis are very big and they go slow because you can see the sea for a few hours.Of course you see all the sights.You can see all types of fish.You stay in the water taxi for 9 hours or all day but it is more expensive.

Where in the New York would you like to go?Why?

I would like to go to Empire State Building,in New York.When I saw this attraction I was very excited and amazed!You can see New York's spectacular view when you are in a high skyscraper!Also,you can take beautiful photos with New York City in the background and you and your friends or family in the foreground.It will be an unforgettable experience!If I visit New York City one day,the Empire State Building is an attraction that I will choose to put in my itinerary.

Friday, November 14, 2014

An amazing dog!

You can also post the YouTube videos you like and comment on them, secret agents! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

The description of a frightening story...

The main hero of this story is Jack Skellington,a spooky skeleton.This book talks about Jack who is bored of being the scariest monster of Halloween and he wants to turn the Halloween town into Christmastown,a wonderful place where people don't scare other people and they are all happy,but in order to do it he makes many mistakes.Will Jack and his dead dog Zero turn the Halloweentown into a happy christmas town?Is this decision right?I recommend for you to read this book and find it out.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

   My favourite scene is the celebration of Halloween at the Halloweentown.I like this scene because I like Halloween.I like vampires who drink blood,witches and their spells,Jack and skeletons with their thin legs and their spooky face.In addition to this,I like the happy Mayor who said congratulations to Jack.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Nightmare Before Christmas (my best scence)

The best scence from the book and movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for me is, when Jack was in the middle of some, large trees and they had doors on them. The first door had a green Christmas tree with decorations on it. Another door had a big egg of Easter with yellow flowers on it. Also the last door had a big bird of Thanksgiving with a small head. Jack did not know anything about all that celebrations. Jack liked more the tree with the Christmas tree. He came near it and he put his hand on the door, it opened! A cold winter wind took him and the door closed quickly...



The Night Mare Before Christmas

The Halloweentown celebrated and Jack skeleton sang his scary song every year but he started  feel bored . The Mayor came to Jack and told  him "We love your scary song" then Jack walked past Sally who  also sad. Sally made from a doctor who was very bad with her and he did not allow her to keep away from his home.

Jack walked with his dog Zero . Suddenly he saw three doors. The first door had a Christmas tree . The second door had an Easter egg. The third door had a big bird of Thanksgiving, of course Jack did not know anything about all that different celebrations.

Jack opened the door with the Christmas tree. A strong winter wind took him into a new town for him. Just then Jack started think"What is this?".

When Jack went back his house he started make plans for Christmas celebrations in his town. Before he went to his house Mayor came to his house and he was terrified because he did not find anybody in his house.

Jack about his plans for Christmas in his town and everybody were happy with him.

Jack started the plans. The first plan said that three young children went and took the Santa Claus. The second plan was to make red clothes and he said to Sally to make them. Αlso the third plan said that they must make reindeers and the last plan said that they must make scary presents for children.

They started to do all the things that Jack's plan said.

All children waited for this night. Suddenly when the children opened the boxes scaries toys were inside.

Ogie, a bad beast, caught Sally and Santa, but Jack saved them and then all the Halloween celebrated Christmas !!!!!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The main hero of the book was Jack Skellington. Jack lived in Halloweentown and he was the scariest skeleton in the town. The problem with Jack was that he was feeling bored and tired with Halloween. For this reason, after Halloween's party he walked away to think about his future. He walked through the churchyard and into the dark woods. After two hours, he stopped and looked around him. He found a very beautiful place, wHere there were lots of decorations, beautiful trees and houses. It was the night of December 24. Jack saw the Santa Claus, lots of happy people and many toys. After a long time, he was happy and excited. Just then, he saw a sign, which said CHRISTMASTOWN. Suddenly, he had an idea! He went back to Halloweentown and tried to explain to ITS inhabitants the Christmas celebration...................................


Friday, November 7, 2014

Nightmare before Christmas Review

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a book(and a movie too) that  protagonist is a skeleton : 
Jack Skellington.Is a spooky story with Vampires,witches,skeletons and other creatures.It might be a little spooky but not horror.In that book Jack (the protagonist) lives with other creatures and monsters in Hallowen town!But one day Jack got bored with the same place and same things all time and he wanted to find something differend.He found with his dog :Zero, a new town called Christmas town.Everything there was happy and not spooky ,there was no one scared or dead and it was snowing.Jack was exploring happy the Christmas town while his friends and the other monsters at Hallowen town were looking for him.When Jack went back to Hallowen town he tried to explain to the other monsters what  Christmas is,But nobody understood.After that Jack tried to Bring Christmas in Hallowen town with a lot of different ways but the things didn't went as he expected.
I reccomend this book or the film of this story for sure!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New post by our French friends!

Hello bloggers! You are welcome to leave a written comment on our French e-pals' new blog post about a very interesting sculpture: 

Click on the link and then click on 'comments' under the text to write something in the comment box. Good luck with your mission! 

If you want to see some Spymasters comment on the sculpture orally, watch this video!!! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas

Before some days I read a book."Nightmare Before Christmas"(There is a movie about this book too!)
It was a fantastic book and my best scene was there that Jack (The protagonist)got bored with Hallowen town and went to Christmas town with his dog:Zero.There was no one scared or dead and it was snowing.This place wasn't like Hallowen Town,there wasn't skeletons,Vampires and other creatures like that.He and his dog liked very much this place.He wanted to live there for ever.He tried to take some monsters from Hallowen town to Christmas town and explain them what Christmas is , but they didn't understood the meaning of Christmas .

         -Here is a video with this movie's trailer-

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The nightmare before Christmas

  My favorite scene was when Jack asked help from Sally.She wasn't happy about Jack's plans.She didn't want to make  his red clothes but she did.Sally said to Jack that these plans AREN'T going to work.She thought about the Christmas tree on fire.When Lock,Sock and Barrel arrived they said to Jack that they caught Santa Claus,but they have caught the wrong person.They went to Easter town and they caught the Easter Rabbit.He sent again Lock,Sock and Barrel to CATCH Santa Claus.They caught him and immediately they brought HIM to Jack.He was very happy about the Santa Claus.He said to Lock,Sock and Barrel to take him to Jack's house,but they didn't.They took him to Oogie Boogie's house to EAT him.Sally went to his house to SAVE him but Oogie Boogie caught Sally, TOO. When Jack understood that Sally wasn't there he lookED for her. Finally, HE found her at Oogie's house.He saved Santa and Sally and he killed Oogie.Then they went to the square.    

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A strange midnight in the middle of nowhere

  I was listening to music in my castle bedroom when I heard a strange noise.My dad had a ''good idea'' to rent a castle for holidays.The castle was far away from the city.They said that there lived a family.One day in a fire they were burned, the castle was rebuilt.However, people say that the spirits still haunt the castle.I was a little scared and it was midnight!!
  Suddenly, I  heard again a strange noise like classic music.I felt a chill down my spine.My parents and my sister were sleeping when I decided to follow that music.I descended the stairs and I went to the living room.NOTHING!!!Just then, I heard that music again.The music was heard from the basement.I was terrified I descended the stairs again but that time it was scary.The door creaked when i pushed open.I listen for a minute, silence but then........a ghost appeared in front of me.For a moment, I froze!Then I started to scream!!!!

  Just then, I sprang from my bed.My teeth chattered and my heart thumped.It was a horrible nightmare.I woke up while I was listening to classic music.That was the most strange thing, I never listen to classic music!!It was a strange midnight in the middle of nowhere!

A frightening story.

    I was listening to music in my castle bedroom when I heard a strange noise. I was petrified because I had heard that the castle was built on the old graveyard. I had also heard that a family used to live there, but one day the father murdered his family and escaped from the castle. The police never found him. Now it was getting dark and there was dead silence.

   I left my room and I went to the corridor. My heart was beating loudly and my teeth were chattering. Suddenly, I heard a frightening whisper from the last room. I went there and the door creaked when I pushed it open. I saw an old man who was talking on his own. "Yes master, I killed my family for you and I will kill him too", he said and then he turned and he looked at me with an evil smile. Just then, I ran out of the room and I went to the attic. I found a coffin and I hid there. A few minutes later, I fell asleep.

    When I got up, the sun was rising. Suddenly, I heard the old man shouting. I went there and I saw him on the floor. "Sorry master, I will not disappoint you again........AAAA..........noNOO......DON'T..
......AAAAAAaaa", he screamed and then he disappeared. I ran out of the castle immediately and I didn't go there again. A few weeks later, I sold the castle.

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Haunted Castle

I was listening to music in my castle bedroom when I heard a strange noise.I don't live in a castle but it was summer and we went to a castle for holidays!That noise was scary but interesting too.That made me go and explore the castle.

I went out of my bedroom from the window while my parents were watching TV.The wind was howling and the strange noise was louder after every step I took.I went into the castle from the main entrance again.When the gate closed behind me suddenly everything was quiet.While i was climbing up the stairs to see the other rooms I heard a door creaking.I felt a chill down my spine!I saw a torch down and I quickly picked it up.I tried to see from where the voice came but nothing.Suddenly I heard a scream and I ran as fast as I could to my bedroom.I banged the door and when I went in,a shadow was going out of my window and leaving a note.I read the note....It was"Humans go away from my castle if you don't want to feel my rage"There was a sign with a big JR.I went fast to my parents' room and told them about the note and the strange noises.We left the castle as fast as we could!

When we arrived home,I searched for information about this castle.Finally,128 years ago in this castle Jack Robbinson lived.But there was a legend about him,That some farmers found him dead in his castle with his family and that he haunts the castle.I'll never forget this hollidays.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Writing a letter to Mrs Jackson about the babysitting group

Dear Mrs Jackson,

Thanks for your letter. How is John? I heard that he was ill.       
I'd really like to join your babysitting group, because I need money. I have always got on well with young children. I am confident with them and I believe that most of the children will love me. I'll try to be more organised, mature and responsible with them.    

Unfortunately, my friend George goes with his family on holiday every weekend. However, as my twin brother, Bill, loves young children, he will join your babysitting group. He's a bit immature, but he is very responsible and organised. He is also patient with young children so don't worry about anything!               

I look forward to my first babysitting mission. 

Writing letter to Mrs Jackson about the babysitting group

Dear Mrs Jackson,
  Thank you for your letter.It was lovely to hear from you.
  I 'd love to help the babysitting club.I'm quite confident and responsible with young children i get on with them.Also i have some great ideas.I think that young children like drawing and playing with their toys.So, I will find more toys from my sister and i will give to them.
  I prefer to do it with my best friend Hara, because she is very responsible and mature.She loves young children and she often babysits for her neighbours.
  I'm really looking foward to next Saturday.
  Best Wishes


Of that time ther was a haunted castle. In the castle there was a gohst which haunt the castle. Who people go after three day dies. the castle before haunts was very beatiful. he was big with a bridge in the main entrance then it had mega walls.Inside it had got courtyard and then a spiral staircase which lead at rooms. After one hundred year the castle haunts of one prisoner who the MacRae family throw them of the bridge , into the loch. so the castle haunts

Some corrections- Nick, be careful!!!

Once upon a time there was a haunted castle. In the castle there was a ghost which haunted the castle. The people who visited the castle died after three days. The castle was very beautiful before it got haunted. It was big with a bridge in the main entrance and it also had huge walls.Inside it there was a  courtyard and then a spiral staircase which led to the  rooms. After one hundred years, the castle was haunted by one prisoner who the MacRae family had thrown off the bridge , into the loch. So the castle remain haunted.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Technology in the classroom

                       Technology in the classroom

             The use of  innovative technology in the classroom is a new educational method. According to this method students use the types of technology like desktop computers, tablets or laptops during their lesson. This way of learning is better for students, teachers and our environment but sometimes it can also be little dangerous.

            First of all, there are a lot of advantages of using technology in the classroom. We go paperless in order not to cut any more trees which is really good and helpful for our environment. This way of learning helps students too. They become sociable by communicating with foreign students. In this way, (comma) they can exchange ideas or their view on different things. They become open minded and they learn new things. Also, they become knowledgeable due to their access to online encyclopedias, dictionaries and translators. Disabled students are also a part of this method by using a special keyboard and a special visual pronunciation at translator websites
This should go to paragraph 2 with the advantages--> Technology helps teachers, too. Teachers can be further prepared for the lessons and more organised. They make lessons more interesting and students could be more focused on them

On the other hand, technology in classroom can be a really bad influence for students who could easily forget the wide variety of interactive activities they are doing and become unfocused. (any other problems? internet dangers?)

            In conclusion, I think that technology in the classroom is a really nice idea which can provide students with knowledge and help them become better and more sociable if they use it carefully. Technology is blessing if we use it properly.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Armadale Castle

   Armadale Castle is a ruined country house in Armadale,Skye and the house of MacDonald family. A mansion house was first built there around 1790.In addition to this in 1815 a Scottish mock-castle, intended for show rather than defense, designed byJames Gillespie Graham, was built next to the house. After that in 1855  the part of the house destroyed by fire was replaced by a central wing, designed by David Bryce.Since 1925 the castle, abandoned by MacDonalds has fallen into ruin.The gardens around the castle have been maintained, and are now home to the Clan Donald Centre, which operates the Museum of Isles.

                                           These are some photographs of the Armadale Castle.

Tenses revision

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Craigievar Castle

 The Craigievar is a castle,six miles (10Km) south  of AlfordAberdeenshireScotland.It was the seat of clan Sempill and the Forbes family for 350 years.It is an excellent example of the original Scottish Barional architecture,the great seven-storey castle was completed in 1626 by the Aberdonian merchant William Forbes,ancestor to the Forbes-Sempill Family and brother of the Bishop of Aberdeen, Patrick of Corse. Forbes purchased the partially completed

structure from the impoverished Mortimer 

family in the year 1610.Now this castle is 

working as a museum and everybody can visit it!

Castle of St. Jorge

Castle of St. Jorge

The Castle of São Jorge is a castle that occupies a commanding position overlooking the city of Lisbon and the Tagus River beyond. It was originally built by the Moors, but in its present configuration the strongly fortified citadel dates from medieval times.
It is located on top of the highest hill in the historic center of the city. In Portuguese it is called the Castelo de São Jorge
It is one of the main historical and touristic sites of Lisbon. The gardens of the Castelo are beautiful and well maintained. A five-arched Ogival House, once part of the 17th century jail located within St George Castle is worth seeing. The museum complex, the Interpretation Center for the City of Lisbon, is also worth a visit.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bran Castle

 One of the most popular castles in Romania is Bran's Castle.Also called Dracula's Castle.The castle is located near the Braşov in Romania.The owner today is Archduke Dominic of Austria-Tuscany.
  In 1212, Teutonic Knights built the wooden castle of Dietrichstein as a fortified position in the Burzenland at the entrance to a mountain valley through which traders had travelled for more than a millennium, but in 1242 it was destroyed by the Mongols. In 1438–1442, the castle was used in defense against the Ottoman Empire, and later became a customs post on the mountain pass between Transylvania and Wallachia. The Wallachian ruler Vlad Ţepeş (Vlad the Impaler) 1448–1476 does not seem to have had a significant role in the history of the fortress, although he passed several times through the Bran Gorge. Bran Castle belonged to the Hungarian Kings . Bran played a strategic role up to the mid-18th century.
  Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes) was allied with Bran and Brasov during his first reign (1436 – 1442) and through the start of his next reign, after the Princes of Transylvania requested that he handle the anti-Ottoman resistance at the border. 
  After extending the castle’s lease with the Princes of Transylvania several times even after the Ottoman conquest of the Hungarian kingdom in 1541  Brasov managed on April 25, 1651 to sell the castle to George II Rackoczi.
  In 1920, the castle became a royal residence within the Kingdom of Romania. It became the favorite home and retreat of Queen Marie. The castle was inherited by her daughter Princess Ileana who ran a hospital there in World War  it was later seized by the communist regime with the expulsion of the royal family in 1948.
  On May 12, 2014 it was reported that the current owner, Archduke Dominic, has placed the castle on the open market for sale after reportedly offering it to the government of Romania for $80 Million (£47million).

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eilean Donan Castle

 The most popular castle in Scotland is Eilean Donan. The castle is between three great sea lochs and around the castle is a majestic scnery.

 Although first inhabited around the 6th century, the first castle was built in the mid 13th century.Since then, at least four different versions of the castle have been built and re-built as the feudal history of Scotland unfolded through the centuries.

 The castle destroyed in a uprising in 1719. Colonel John MacRace-Gilstrap bought the island in 1911 and proceeded to restore the castle to its former glory. After 20 years of toil and labour the castle was re-opened in 1932.

 Today, you can explore all the area of the castle.

 The castle now has its own visitor centre, which includes the ticket office, coffee shop and gift shop.

 All the people that had visited the castle said that it is very beautiful.



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My personality and character

My name is Konstantina and i am thirteen and a half years old.I come from Heraklion.I am in second class of Junior High School.I have brown eyes and longs brown hair.I am tall and thin.
In my spare time I listen to music and i play volleyball.I love playing volleyball is my hobby!!!I know only one player Karch Kiraly.My favourite subject in school is maths because I like solving arithmetic problems.Also I love physical education [like everybody] because i like playing sports!!!!My favourite colour is blue and white.My favourite movie is Maze Runner.
I am impatient because I can't wait for a long time!!!Also i am a little stubborn and I am very responsible.I am confident and sociable too!I am quite mature for my age and of course i am the most positive person you have ever met in your life!!I am creative and hard-working too.This is me!!!


Things about me

Hello, my name is Konstantinos and I live in Heraklion.I am 13 years old and I am in second class of junior high school .I listen to rap music and my favourite music artist is Eminem..I am tall,I have brown hair and eyes.My favourite subjects in school are maths and physics but I hate ancient greek and history.I am a good listener and pessimistic but I am a little bit disorganised.My hobbies are baskeball,tennis,playing computer games and i love listening to music!My favourite colours are deep/ dark blue and yellow.In my spare time I hang out with my friends,I listen to music,I read literary books or I play computer games.


My personality

Hi! My name is Maria and I am thirteen (13) years old. I live in Heraklion in Crete . At school I am in the second class of Junior High School. My hobby is shopping . My favourite subjects are Maths and Chemistry . My favourite colours are blue,purple, white.I have short brown hair, I am very tall and I have got earrings . I am usually an optimistic and sociable person. I have got positive energy, sometimes I change my mind for the best or for the worst, I am creative, relaxed and organised. I love very much pineapples very much! Look at them! They are so cute.

Thanks for reading my post !!!!! <3<3 =)


Things about me and my character!

My name is Manolis,I come from Greece and I live in Heraklion.Also I am thirteen years old.I am quite short,I have brown eyes and hair.I play basketball and volleyball too!In my spare time I like to play computer games,reading comics and listening to music. (Full stop) In addition to this my favourite types of music are rap,pop and sometimes I listen to jazz.My favourite singer of rap is Eminem or Marshall Mathers,my favourite singer of pop is Katy Perry and my favourite singer of jazz is Miles Davis.I go to the second grade of junior highschool and my favourite subjects are P.E,computers' science,geography and English lessons but I hate maths and ancient greek.
Now I will talk to you about my personality.Well I am a quite confident,hard-working,optimistic,funny and a little bit disorganised guy. However, I get angry with bossy,annoying,critical and aggresive people, although I get on well with people who are unselfish,friendly and nice with me.

This is a short video which explores Crete.


Things about me

My name is Elpidoforos and I am 13 years old. I come from Greece and I live in Heraklion. I am a tall and thin boy. I have black hair and black eyes ,too. My favourite hobbies are football ,basketball ,tennis and table tennis. I also love wachting movies. I hear all the kinds of music apart from folk music. Ι am a good student and my favourite lessons are maths ,science and history but I hate ancient Greek. I also play the piano and I learn chinese.
I am a responsible and hardworking person. I am a bit immature and bossy. I am also confident and sociable. I always look on the bright side so I'm not pessimistic. I never pick a quarrel and I am usually in a good mood.
This is my favourite TV series which is called Game Of Thones.

My personality

My name is Nick. I am a student in the second year of high school. I am fit and my favourites hobbies are basketball and volleyball. Sometimes I go to the gym. Ιn my free time I go for a walk in the lions square and the center. Comments by when I do the school of additional courses. In my house we have three dogs and I take these three dogs for a walk !!! My favourite subjects are chemistry and religious education. I'm unsociable because I don't have many friends and at the weekends I don't go out with my few friends.

I am responsible and I look on the bright side. I never pick a quarrel and I am always in a good mood. My routine : I wake up , I study again , I have breakfast and I go to school. I go to English lessons and I play basketball on Saturday. My favourite basketball player is Diamantidis. You can watch him in the following video.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

~Jungle Survival~

 How important is to have survival skills? Every survival skill you have is important ! There are many survival "techniques" that may safe your life or other people lives. First aid, how to build a shelter, how to light a fire, to find water, food etc. There also some more general categories such as "Jungle Survival Skills". 

First of all, before you go on this risky expedition, you have to pack some useful clothes. Here are some suggestions about what to pack and what to wear during the day:
1) Comfortable, loose, fitting clothes are the best for this expedition. Not fashionable, not sparkly or too modern!
2) At dawn and dusk it will be better to cover your head and your neck with a mosquito net or any other piece of clothing.
3) In the great outdoors, your head an your neck are protected by the undergrowth. However, pack a sunscreem with a high SPF to be sure.
4) Dry your clothes before night so as to avoid chills and fever.
5) Wash your clothe every day, especially the socks. Dirty socks can cause skin diseases.

.... And what about fire?

 In the jungle, having the ability to light a fire is a very importan skill. You can cook, you can be kept warm at nights and you can escape mosquitoes and the curious animals. You don't need to have a big fire. A small one is more safe. The bigger the fire, the more attention is paid. Don't burn the bamboos. They burn too fast and the smoke is too dangerous.
... OK with all of these things!! You can live without food, but you can't without water!

According to the scientists, in the tropic regions, there is a plenty of food and water. You can easily find water in rivers, streams, lakes or puddles. However, this water isn't good to drink unless it has been purified. The better way is to boil it 10 to 15 minutes. You can also find some coconut milk from the coconuts. It's very tasty and more safe than the real water you find in the jungles.

... Yes, but if you want to eat something and you don't have any food with you?
If you run out of  food, DON'T eat whatever it "appears" in front of you. Instead of that, you can watch the monkeys. Everything that monkeys eat can be eaten by the humans.

After all the advice I gave you, It's time to watch a video, understand them more and learn some new! 

I hope you enjoyed this article!!!