Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comment on the video we saw in class

 A few days ago, my classmates and I went to the computer room and saw the first episode of Extra English. The main characters were Bridget and Annie who shared a flat, Nick who was their neighbour, Charley the dog and Hector who was Bridget's pen pal and was from Argentina. So I decided to describe you one of these character. Well, my favourite actress is Bridget. She is a tall with blonde curly hair woman. Furthermore she is keen on handsome boys. Also she is well-built and the reason is that she rides a bike every day but she doesn't want anybody to touch it. Moreover I would like to say what I would do if I were Nick. I would do the same things because if you want to beat someone , you must  do everything you can to be close to him even if the things you do are stupid. 

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