Thursday, October 8, 2015

Video Activities

Watch the following videos and leave your comment

Video 1: Hector’s Arrival

Video 2: Hector Goes Shopping

Video 3: Hector has a date

Video 4: Hectror looks for a job


  1. I liked ep 3,because it was very funny. I laughed very much.I liked the scene,in which Hector and Nick found out that Bridget and Annie were the secret dancers.I am looking forward to seeing the next episode!

  2. I enjoyed very much the episode 3 in which Hector and Nick were fooled by Bridget and Annie when they had a date. My favourite scene was when Hector discovered that Nick hadn't had a date before.

  3. Such a great and funny episode! This episode (episode 4) hadn't subtitles but we found it in the YouTube, so we hadn't a problem! Well I enoyed very much the episode 4 and I am looking forward for the next episode, episode 5!

  4. I liked ep4,because it was very funny,I didnt like Howard,becuse he was very rude and not kind.I liked hector because, he buy to Bridget and annie two very expensive dresses.

  5. All the videow are very funny . I love the scene that Hector put at plants bridget's aftersave. this scene was very funny.

  6. I liked it, because it was funny, I liked when hector was showing at Annie and Bridget photos with him and his family, and when he was playing with toy cars.