Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A description of myself

My name is Marina and I am 12 years old.I saw your videow and they were very interesting for me. I live in Heraklion ,a big city in Crete.My mother is called Stella and my father is called Chronis,I haven't got any brothers or sisters.I haven't got pets.However,I love animals!! 
   I love dancing , singing and hanging out with my friends. I love films too.My favourite films are "The theory of everything"and "Pixels"My favourite subjects at school are Maths,French and English.I love reading books with lots of adventure!I have been having dance lessons for11 years .I love dancing, especially modern dance and hip - hop, because I can express my feelings!!!
   I am organised , responsible and kind. I hate lazy people!



  1. Hello Marina,
    We are Madiana and Lydia. Your desription is very good.
    Do you speak French very well ? Have you danced since you are one year old ?
    We like modern dance but we don't like hip-hop very much.
    What's the weather like in Heraklion ? Here, the weather is very good but we won't have snow for Christmas.:'(
    Enjoy your holiday ! We are on holiday tomorrow for two weeks.
    Merry Christmas !

    1. Thank you for your comment.I have danced since I was 2 years old.I think that I speak French very well.Here the weather is sunny ,but sometimes is cloudy and windy.I went to Rethymno for Christmas holidays.I am going to Austria in two months.
      Bye from Greece!

  2. Marine, Emeline and LucieDecember 17, 2015 at 2:56 PM

    Hello Marina,
    We are Marine, Emeline and Lucie, your video is interesting too.
    Marine speaking : I have visited Greece for the holidays. It's a very very beautiful country.
    Lucie and me love chicken very much!
    Our favourite films are Insidious, Sinister and Divergent.
    We love listening to music, do you know the song " Dis-moi oui ( Marina ) " by Keen'v ?
    In France, it is still sunny even if Christmas in a week.


    1. Hi.Thank you for your comment .I haven't visited France yet.
      I love chicken and spaghetti with fresh cream and bacon.
      Two songs that I love is "All of me" by John Legend and "Derniere danse" by Indila
      Buy from Greece.