Sunday, January 31, 2016


           At this collection spoke first Dr. John Watson and said that when he first worked with Sherlock Holmes , They both lived in his house on Baker Street . Sherlock slept until late but one morning , he woke me up at a quarter past seven . he asked  " whats wrong " and the Holmes replied that a woman waited in the sitting room . She is very worried . Holmes dressed and went to the sitting rook to heared the woman . The woman was dressed at black and said to the Sherlock that she was in danger , she lived with her stepfather , Dr.Grimeshy Roylott. He was member of the Roylott Familly . He studied medicine and he went to India to work as a doctor . There he merried Hellens mum .
       Hellen has a sister called Julia . Jullia met a man Harrow . They fell in love and decided to got married. Hellen's stepfather agreed to the marriage but Jullia died two weeks before the wedding in her room and Hellen ran to her sister room and she saw her sister on the floor dead . But Jullia was alone in the room and her windows and the door was locked and the doctor didnt find any marks on her .
      A month ago , a dear friend asked Hellen to married him . His name was Percy Armitage. Hellen's stepfather agreed to marriage and the next two days he sent builders to did some repair and now Hellen must lived in her sister room. Every night she afraid that  she died as her sister . Mr. Holmes help Helen , He went
at Hellen's house to investigated and actually found a small plate of milk and asked about what is and Hellen replied, said that the milk was for the tiger , because her stepfather liked wild animals. Sherlock replied that this plate it was not for the tiger. Moreover he found a bell that didnt ring . Sherlock decided to stayed in a hotel on the other side of the street . At mid-night Dr. Roylott came at the house and Sherlock go to invastigted his house.
holmes ring the bell but nothing . After a few minutes , Sherlock broke the door , he went into the house and saw  Dr. Roylott died at the sitting room and next to him a snake which drunk milk from a small plate .
        So the little plate with milk was for the snake , which killed Hellen's sister
The mystery solved !!!

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