Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Worksheet Part 1

The murder
  • Ronald Adair was murdered in London in the spring.
  • Dr.Watson knew that Sherlock Holmes loved to investigate this type of mystery. 
The victim
  • Ronald Adair lived with his mother and his sister in London.
  • One of Ronald's hobbies was playing cards.
  • Ronald's friends were aristocrats and very rich.
 The time of the death
  • Ronald came home from the club at 10 o'clock.
  • When his mother came home she wanted to say goodnight to Ronald.
  • When there was no reply, and because the door was locked on the inside, Ronald's mother asked to open the door by force.
  • He was murdered between 22:00 and 23:20 on March 30th 1894.
The clues
  1. Adair k was shot in the head. 
  2. The crime weapon j was not next to the body.
  3. The money was arranged in piles. It locked as if Adair b had been counting his winnings and losses at cards.
  4. The money g had not been stolen.
  5. On the sheet of paper Adair h had written names and numbers.
  6. Mrs Adair could not come into the room because it c had been locked from the inside.
  7. The flowers i lay undisturbed. So, no-one f had jumped from the window.
  8. Watson was sure no-one d had climbed up the wall because there m were no traces and no drainpipe.
  9. The murderer a did not shoot from the window because nobody e had heard a shot.
  10. Nothing l was stolen in the room.

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