Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sports-love it or hate it?

I always enjoy to do activities and sports. This is a way in which you can realise your energy. I have tried enough activities and sports which I liked very much like dancing,swimming, scuba diving and volleyball.
Also,I have tried sports which I didn't like, like basketball.This is a sport for tall people! I am not as tall. This sport isn't to my liking.
I have watched a lot of sports on TV, like synchronised swimming, tennis, kickboxing e.t.c. but my favourite is synchronised swimming. I would to try this sport because,I love dancing and swimming. This is a sport which combines dancing and swimming.
I would like in the future to continue dancing, because it is my favourite activity!

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  1. Well done, sporty Evita! You have turned into an amazing blogger! Keep writing- we love it!