Tuesday, October 31, 2017


It was a spooky rainy night. Mary was watching a movie and was eating pop corn when suddenly she listened a loud noise at the door. She stand up to see what had happened. She opened the door slowly and screamed so hard . A girl with a white dress and blood all over her was standing in front of her door.Marry was terrified. The girl got into the house and started running and screaming ,Mary was watching her without doing anything. She was shocked. After  a little time  the girl stopped screaming and was standing across Mary. The two girls were watching each other in to  their eyes. Mary got out of the house quickly and starting running around the neighbourhood , the girl was following her angrily.  The rain was getting harder and the girl would not stop following her. They had arrived outside of a house when Mary stopped running and the girl did too. The two girls were standing across each other again.The girl looked at Mary and put out the wig.

- Ahh ..oh my god Liz ,you scared me. What are you doing? I thought I was going to die.
- Haha ,I got you so good Mary. Now  we are okay with that prank you did to me last year.
-I am so sorry I had to do it .
-Haha okay that is a real Halloween. Now lets go see a movie
-Ah yes!


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