Friday, March 16, 2018


Every summer more and more tourists visit our area , which is good, but it causes some problems ,too. People are trying to find solutions and I am writing to give some.
   In the first place, we can  build new roads or bridges , so people to have more ways to go anywhere. Another idea is to encourage tourists to  take the bus, so there is less traffic. We could  also organize  a bus route for them to visit the sights , so they don't have to take their cars.
   Secondly, we can put more rubbish cans around the area in order to help have clean roads. Also,  we should take our own bags when we go shopping , to reduce plastic waste.
   Finally, the queues in the supermarkets are massive and the tourists are always complaining  about this , so we could change the opening hours and hire new employers.
    In conclusion, we should help solve these problems and make our life and the conditions for tourists better.

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