Thursday, January 24, 2019

I haven't tried it yet

"I haven't tried it yet"

   I've always enjoyed sport and done lots of different activities either at school or at the sports centre. I've played volleyball, basketball and football since primary school and I have been in a volleyball team for two years.
  I haven't liked every sport that I have tried. One sport that I hate is table tennis because is so hard. Last year, I was in a trip with my school and we played table tennis. As soon as we started playing, the ball fell out from table - It was annoying-. I don't want to play again except when I'm playing with friends for fun.
  Some people don't like doing sport, but they enjoy watching it. There are lots of exciting sports programmes on TV. My friends and I like watching extreme sports, like kickboxing or skydiving. I haven't tried an extreme sport yet but if I had the chance, maybe I could do it.

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