Friday, April 5, 2019

Top 5 tips for your holiday.

As everybody knows, parents are keen on photography and much more ,so that they make you all the time stay and smile on ,just because they want to take a picture of you,  on a tower for example.

So ,as a teenager, you should know these tips ,just for you!You don't have to spend much time or do something differrent or unusual,you just have to listen to me.OK? FINE.

The first one is to take your camera in order to take pictures of you,whenever you want.The second one is to take your own luggage, so that you don't have to make arrangements for how many clothes you will take.The third one is to take your bottle of water, so that you needn't ask them, all the time to find a place for water.However, if you do that on the way to the supermarket, they will make an excuse to take a picture of you again!The fourth  one is to have your own money, because if you ask all the time, for just 1$, they will waste all their coins, so that you won't be able to to go to parks that need coins!

Finally, the last one is to read our article and take our tips for a fabulous family holiday!


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