Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are there any talented groups?

Dear Editor,

I recently read in your last newspaper an article about pop music. The writer said that there are no talented bands around and pop stars are more interested in making money. Personally I totally disagree.

For example One Direction is one of those talented groups. The reason for this is that all of the five members oh the group have great voices and they are trying to produce good music. Furthermore, their songs have brilliant lyrics with meaning.

In addition, Taylor Swift is one oh the pop stars who are interested in being creative. She is a new singer and her songs have very good melodles. She has also a good voice and that is why she has make it big.

To sum up, in my opinion there are bands around today that are talented and love creating music. I am sure that many readers would agree.

Yours faithfully
Georgia Assarioti.

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  1. Well done Georgia! Amazing effort! You are a fantastic blogger!