Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ηow I started recycling

     After we'd finished the project on the environment at school,I knew I had to start recycling . During the project I found out how important it is to recycle and what types of materials I can recycle.Before the project,I threw away plastic,bottles,papers,glass,aluminium but now I know that all these materials can be recycled.

        I decided to recycle, because the environment is being polluted by lots of things but now many of those things can be recycled and used again.So, the environment will be protected.

       In my opinion,recycling is a little difficult,because you have to put lots of things in bins.Morover,there aren't many recycling bins in the streets.

      Now, most of people recycle and the cities are cleaner.Also, the environment will be saved from pollution.

     In conclusion, I feel very proud,because I learnt how to recycle and not to drop litter everywhere !

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