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                    DEAN KOONTZ       ODD APOCALYPSE

A few words about the author:

  Dean Koontz was born (09/07/1945) and raised in Pennsylvania. When he was a senior in college, we won an Atlantic Monthly Fiction competition and he's been writing ever since. Dean Koontz is the author of more than a dozen New York Times No 1 bestsellers. His books have sold over 450 million copies worldwide and his work is published in 38 languages. Now, he lives with his wife Gerda Cerra and their dog Anna, in south California. 

Dean Koontz's series of books: 

  Firstly, ODD APOCALYPSE  (published in 2012)  belongs to a series of fiction books, which are called ODD THOMAS. The protagonist of the books is called Odd Thomas and he's a short, twenty-year old  fry cook. In the series of the books, Odd Thomas has a six-sense, which gives him the ability to see and talk to dead people. 


 Odd Thomas is travelling with his friend Annmaria from Pico Mundo (after losing is childhood love Stormy) to the estate of Roseland, where they have been invited. However, the mansion of Roseland contains terrible and bloody secrets. It is haunted by spirits and beasts. Furthermore, despite the warnings, Odd Thomas is tying to discover what's wrong with Roseland and who desperately needs  his help. 

My personal opinion:

 I found this book very interesting since I'm keen on reading books with suspense and mystery.  Odd Thomas is a superb character and Dean Koontz is an amazing fiction author. He puts a blend of humour whenever it's necessary to relax the raeder and a lot of horror in his books. I recommend it to you, if you are a fan of adventure, horror and time travelling! 

                                                                                                     Marina Konstantinou, 
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