Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~Giving information about yourself~

Hey guys! Welcome to our TV show "bits and pieces"! Today, our guest is Vasiliki Tziraki who is going to tell us some information about herself:

Jou: Welcome Vasiliki, how are you?

Vas: I'm fine, thanks! 

Jou: So, Could you tell me something about your family?

Vas: There are four of us in my family. My father, whose name is George and he is a professor, my mother, whose name is Dionisia and she is a professor too and finally my sister, whose name is Maria and I. We are both students. I also have a half-brother, whose name is Gregory and he is a lawyer.

Jou: Oh, that's not a small family! Could you describe your home to us?

Vas: I actually live in a flat on the first floor. I live in a noisy area, in the city centre with many trees.My home has got two bedrooms, one salon, the kitchen and the bathroom. It has also got a long but small balcony.

Jou: What do you like about your local area?  

Vas: In my area, I like the fact that it only takes me ten minutes to go the shops. 

Jou: Is there anything you would like to change about your local area?

Vas: Yeah, it would be good if there were more friends o' mine. But that's something that cannot change so I endure it. 

Jou: What do you like doing in your free time?

Vas: In my free time I mostly like chilling out on my bed and listening to music. But that's lazy so I play volleyball, I hang out with my friends and now I'm studying English because I have to pass one class in two months.

Jou: I wish you good luck! So, we finished there. Thank you for your time Vasiliki!

Vas: Thank you too. Bye!!

*Jou= Journalist
  Vas= Vasiliki

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