Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Information about myself

Journalist:Hello ladies and gentlemen!Today we have a special guest who comes from Greece!Let's welcome Sofia Androulaki.Hello Sofia!
Sofia Androulaki:Hello and thank you for your invitation.
J:Oh!I have to ask you a lot of things.First of all,tell me something about yourself.
S:Ok!I am thirteen years old and I live in Heraklion.I love playing the piano and the guitar.I am outgoing and sociable and I love helping the other people.
J:That's very good.Could you describe your family to us?
S:Of course!There are six of us in my family.My dad,whose name is Manolis and he's a maths teacher.My mam,whose name is Panayiota and she's a philologist.I have also three siblings.My eldest sister whose name is Mary and she's 26 years old.She's a civil engineer.My brother whose name is Nick,is 24 years old and he studies electrology.My other sister whose name is Nassia,is 20 years old and she's studies architecture.Even though I said that there are six of us in my family,we have also a dog whose name is Chloe and in my opinion it's a member of the family,too!
J:Wow!What a big family!Ok!Tell me something about your home and your local area!
S:Ok!I live in a flat which is situated in a busy residential area!My home has got three bedrooms,two bathrooms,a living room with a dining room,a kitchen,a hall room and a nice balcony with amazing flowers.My house is on the second floor.About my area now..My area how I've already said isn't quiet..It has got a lot of residents.Several of my neighbors are very annoying.Although,my neighbourhood is noisy,I like it because there are a lot of dogs there and Chloe can bark wherever she wants but if the time that she barks,isn't suitable,she must get into house!I also like my area because it only takes me five minutes to walk to the shops and school!
J:Perfect.Would you like to change something in your area?
S:Oh yes....If  I could I would change some of my neighbors who get on my nerves!
J:Haha!!I hope your wish will come true!One last question..What do you usually do in your free time?
S:I love doing a lot of things in my free time..For example:I love playing the piano and the guitar..I also like singing and playing with my dog.I like going to the beach and doing sports.I love listening to music and reading books,too!
J:Nice!Thank you very much Sofia!See you soon!
S:Thank you,too!Have a nice summer!Goodbye.

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