Monday, December 1, 2014

My opinion about the site called BirdLife International.

     I found the link for this site on my book.I like this site because the people that they made it worked a lot of there.When you visit a site you want it to make you read it. Well, this site made me read some of its articles and I learned many new things.When you open this site the first thing that you will see is the main page which is very colourful and nice,the second thing that I noticed is the fact that it has a ''search'' bar where you can type what you want to see from this site and it appears to you in a few seconds.
     Now let's talk about the things I learned.I read many weird names of rare birds like Brazilian Merganser;a black bird with a long mouth.This bird is like a chicken.Another rare bird is the Christmas Island Frigatebird; I read about this bird because I like Christmas.Well this long bird which is grey and black lives in Australia!In addition to this, I read about an owl called Forest Owlet.This bird was discovered in 1997!I was rooted to the spot when I saw it.It is a funny,brown owl which likes playing games.
     I won't tell you more.I suggest you visit this site,it is amazing.


  1. Bravo Manolis, great description! Pay attention to my corrections, however. Well done one again! :-)