Saturday, May 2, 2015

A review

    The Tesla Model S is a full-sized, plug in electric, environmentally friendly car. It does not need petrol. It just needs electricity. You can charge it by plugging it in. It.has a lot of colours and a silver and gold dynamic design.
    First of all, Tesla Model S has a lot of positive features. Furthermore, its silver design is attractive. It also has a 60kw, huge battery which is under tha car. Moreover, this car has a big, touch sensitive screen. With this screen the driver can watch TV, listen to music and surf the net.
    However, it does have a few drawbacks. A first disadvantage is that is a big sized car, so you can hardly park it. It would be better if it had leather seats on the front of the car. Another disadvantage is that the Tesla Model S is slow for a supercar because it has not got an engine, but it has a battery.
    In my opinion, the Tesla Model S is a slow, family friendly, environmentally friendly and safe supercar. This car is also in a low price. If you want a not so expensive supercar, you should definitely consider The Tesla Model S.

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