Saturday, July 25, 2015

Writing : A story

   I rushed along in panic.I was late again, and today was the one day that I really couldn't be late.I had to be at school at 9 o' clock for the Ancient Greek exam, the reason I had been studying the whole night before. I reached the bus station and started waiting, in terror that I will be disqualified.
    After waiting for about ten minutes, the bus still wasn't there.I decided to ask a random man I saw going into his car.After I asked him if he could take me to my school and he stammered, ''S-sure, but why would you want to go to school today in such a hurry?'' I answered quickly, ''It doesn't matter, just take me there.'' For a split second he glared at me in anger, but then he just started the car. I was thinking that I had been a bit rude to him. I looked out from the window, hoping to finally reach my destination and just take the exam.Suddenly, a car popped out from nowhere and hit the car that I was in, in extremely high speed.The two cars were destroyed, but the people that were in the cars were all fine.I got out of the car quickly and saw that the other driver was drunk, but I didn't have time to do something and from there I could easily go to school on foot.I started running to my school while I was yelling ''Thank you for the ride!'' I finally reached my school, but the gates were closed
      I started thinking that I was too late, but when I looked at my watch, I saw that it was 8:57! I was trying to understand what had happened when my mobile started ringing.It was my friend,I picked it up and he said,''Hey,good morning,would you like to come to my place to study together for the Ancient Greek exam we have tomorrow?'' I was amazed and I stammered, ''W-what d-d-day is it today?''. He started laughing and answered,''Sunday of course!'' ''Okay I am on my way''I said and started walking towards my friend's house laughing at myself.

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  1. Fantastic story!!! You deserved the excellent grade!!! 3 goals for the boys' team!!!