Thursday, November 23, 2017


                                            A INTERVIEW ABOUT ME

1)A shot of me:i am talking to the camera.
HI!!!I am Manolis and i am thirteen years old.I come from Heraklion,the south of Greece.All the people think i am quite shy,but in fact i am a confident person.For example,i am good at making friends and saying funny things.
2)My family and my town.
I live in a big and modern house.We are not near of the town,but i have got my grannies,my parents and i have a lot of friends in the school.
3)A shot of our house and me:
In my house we have a lawn and we play basketball with my friends.My favourite hobby is basketball and my favourite thing to do in my free time is to draw cars.
4)Another shot of me: i am talking to the camera.
Choose me because l am a very interesting person,but i live in a quiet town.Sometimes all the people have this fantastic life!!!     

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