Thursday, November 23, 2017


                                               KING KONG

Ann Darrow had no work and no money.In Ney York City in 1933,a lot of people were hungry.Ann was hungry,too.She was an actor and she had to find a new job quickly.Carl Denham had work,but his bosses weren't happy with him.They gave him money and he made movies.But when they didn't like a movie,they stopped the money.Carl think a story in a secret island.There lived King Kng.Carl said to the actors to go to the ship,while the ship was waiting.Preston said that Maureen wasn't coming and Carl said that they should find another beautiful woman and the ship sailed in three hours.A fruit seller in the street in front of Carl turned his head away from his suit for a minute and a beautiful woman quickly took some.Carl said to the young woman that they would do a movie.They went in a restaurant and they ate something.They spoke a little bite for their life and Carl said to Ann about the new film.Then Ann said yes and they went at the boat and they sailed.In the ship Jack lived in a room that they used chroloform because they had animals and they didn't want to kill them.They arrive a little bite bad because they crashed at the wall of the Skull Island.They climbed up at the crowls and they saw very old ruins at the top of the mountain.They went in a old village and some people they had red eyes and they wore olf clothes.The actors fought but a old woman took Ann and all the others left.At the black night they gave Ann at the King Kong.The King Kong fallen in love with her and he saved at all the time.One night Jack met Ann with King Kong and he took her.They ran because King Kong woke up and he saw them.He ran but didn't catch them.One year later Kng Kong arrived in New York City and he was angry and he wanted to find Ann.He found another girl and they were together.The other day King Kong killed her and he killed another three hundred women.But three days later he found Ann and he took her and he climbed in the highest building in the world.He climbed...he climbed when he went to the top of it.Aeroplanes surrounded King Kong in the Earth,in the West,in the South,in the North.He placed Ann and one minute before aeroplanes shot him and he died.Ann was crying and she was sad all her life after that.

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