Thursday, October 11, 2018

Robots in the home

  Have you ever thought about life with without any house work at all? Here is the solution! In 2035, most people say, that there will be robots that will do all the jobs in the house for you!
  Imagine that you're going home and you are too tired to clean the dishes or make food. No problem! The house robot will do all these jobs for you! Isn't it perfect? 
 But watch out, because (like all the machines) robots have bad things, too. They can break something, they can lose something, they can go crazy ( if you make them do something that they can't).
 By the way, house robots will be one of the most ingenious inventions of all the time. We don't know for sure when they're going to be in Greece, but in some countries they're already invented.
 My opinion is that house robots will be very useful and I can't wait for their invention!

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  1. Well done Melpo! Great project! I also added your drawing to the post- dishwashing robots, we are expecting you!!!