Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My top tip for a happy holiday

 My parents love going to museums.When we travel somewhere they always want to go to as many museums as possible.Yawn! And the most annoying thing is that they gaze at the exhibits for hours and it takes ages for us to leave.
 Two years ago we went to Budapest on holiday.My parents took me to EVERY museum in the city town. It was so boring that I wanted to go back home.It was so unbelievably tedious that in the end I was mad at them.
 So last year, when we traveled to Edinburgh, I had a brilliant idea. I took my earphones with me.While my parents were gazing at the exhibits I just listened to music. We went to loads more museums, but I had my earphones so it wasn't that boring. On the whole, our holidays were brilliant. So if your parents are keen on visiting museums, I would recommend you take your earphones if you have any.

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