Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My top tip(s) for holiday

   Last year I went to Thessaloniki. I had a great time there.The famous White Tower and the statue of Alexander the Great are there. I went with my parents, my godmother and my godfather. We went for walks every single day.
     The only problem was that it was very cold there, and my dad caught a cold because he didn't wear warm clothes as he should have! My dad usually wears T-shirts and jackets because he doesn't  like T-shirts with long sleeves, but when it's cold we should always wear warm clothes.
     Also another tip is not to let your parents embarrass you.Three years ago, my sister, my mum, my grandmother and I went to a place on Crete called Elounda. At the hotel they arranged an event  to entertain us. All of us went there with some friends we met. During the event there was a game in which we had to find the names of some songs, so we took part in it. But during the game my dad phoned my mum, and my mum told him that we were playing a game in an event, and she also told him that she had to download an app called Shazam and everyone at the event heard it because she was speaking so loud on the phone.I felt so embarrassed. My advice would be to ask your parents not to have long phone conversations in front of others.

These are two of my top tips hope you liked them.See you next time, bye!!!

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