Friday, April 3, 2020

A review of a book

  The title of the book is"My grandma the thief" and the writer is David Williams who is the number 1 of children's book writers in Great Britain. I chose this book because it's one of my favourite.
  The story is about a kid called Ben who is bored because he has to meet his grandma every Friday. Her T.V. is not woking and she only wants to play Scrabble. Suddenly, Ben discovered something that it changed everything.He discovered that his grandma is a world famous thief and her dream is to stole steal the "Jewelery of the crown". Then, (comma) Ben convinces his grandma to do it together.That's when the adventure starts!!!
  I will recommend it to every kid of my age because this book is very interesting, funny and exciting!!!!

What a great way to celebrate International Children's Book Day, Leo! Well done!  Christina 💘

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