Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A famous Greek painter

                                  Nicolaos Lytras

One of the most famous painters in Greece was Nicolaos Lytras. He was born in Athens in 1883.

 He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts from 1902 to 1906.His teacher was his father, Nikiforos Lytras and another famous painter George Jakobides.A few years later, he studied in Monach Academy in Germany.There, he learnt more about expressionism and he created his first paintings.Morover, in the period of the Balkan War he took part in an exhibition of Greek Artists.In 1823, he took an award from the School of Fine Arts in Greece.Also, he had the opportunity to teach in the High School of Fine Arts in Athens.Generally, he introduced expressionism in Greece.

Unfortunately, he died in 1927 in Athens.After his death, exhibitions of his paintings were organised at Zappeio in 1929, at Venice in 1936 and at the National Gallery of Greece in 2008.His most well-known paintings are : Peeling Quinces, Boat with sail, Lighthouse and the Straw Hat .


You can see more samples of his art there :

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