Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Georgios Jakobides

Georgios Jakobides

   One of my favourite Greek painters is Georgios Jakobides. Georgios Jakobides was born in 1853 on Lesbos island. From a young age he showed his interest in art (mainly in woodcarving). In 1870 he went to the Athens School of Nice Arts and his teacher was the famous artist Nikiforos Lytras. In 1877 (March) he graduated from the academy and in 1877 (November) he went to Monacho academy.

   While he was in the academy he created his own school of art and a workshop. He was very hard-working and this helped him to become very lovable and popular too. In his career he received lots of prizes for his work. In 1889 his wife, Agla, died and then he stopped painting cheerful paintings with children. 

    Then he came back to Greece and he became the favourite artist of the royal family. In 1932, before his 80th birthday, he died. The National gallery honored him by creating a section only for him.

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