Monday, January 7, 2013


Recycling: The most important thing

After we had finished the project on the environment at school, I knew I had to start recycling. Before the project I didn’t use to do anything about the environment like recycling. So, I threw all the rubbish in the bin and I didn’t mind at all.

While I was doing the project I found some information about recycling on the internet. And while I was reading the information I understood that the planet needs our help. I read some information that I had never heard about. Furthermore, it was a big surprise to me.

So, I made a decision: to start recycling. First I took some different bags for the different rubbish. So, when I went to throw the rubbish I threw it in the suitable bag. And then I took it to the suitable bin. And that was it. It wasn’t difficult. In addition, it was the easiest and most important thing that I have ever done.

Recycling is very important because when we recycle we help the planet to become better and also we keep the Earth clean. We must tell everyone to recycle so we can save the planet and ourselves.


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