Thursday, March 3, 2016

Essay on friendship


NowAdays, most people like to have an honest friend.But is it always possible to have a totally truthful friend?The answer is something difficult. In my opinion, there are two aspects to consider. One aspect is to have a loyal friend and that you must trust him and the other aspect is that a friend must be loved and not offended.
Having an honest friend is important because if you want to tell your secret , he must keep it and not tell it to everyone.Moreover , if yu have a problem , you can tell to your friend and together you can solve it.In general , good/ true friends are people that you can confide in and trust .They should be loyal and truthful.
A friend who always tell the truth , however , may offend you . For example , if your friend says that your clothes are not nice, you will feel sad and embarrassed, even though this may be true.A n honest friend can tell you innocent " white "lies if lies have a good purpose.
In conclusion , a friend must be honest towards you , but this is not always the case .A friend must be loyal and truthful, not tell lies and not keep secrets. He must be kind with you and tell the truth , but not offend you.

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