Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review of an electric bike

Electric bike

The electric bike is an environmentally - friendly bike . This bike chargeS in plug . ITS battery LASTS FOR six full days . It has two pedals WHICH CAN BE USED if the battery IS LOW . It has black and red colours.

The bike has a lot of useful features . It is very enduring when used in the mountains. You can also plug in your phone to charge it. Moreover , it has an automatic mp3 player to listen to music.You can go with your friends for a ride with it.
However , it does has a few drawbacks . If you listen to music for a long time, the battery WILL get low. Furthermore , it would be better if it HAD an economicAL MP3 player.
In my opinion , the pros outweigh the cons and it IS good value for money . It costS only 500 dollars and there is a helmet as a gift when you buy it.


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