Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day

Today is the Earth Day! On this day 22 April, many celebrations are organised worldwide. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. This day is celebrated in more than 193 countries all over the world!! However, we have to take care of the environment every day in our life and not only this day! Unless we take care of the environment, the next generation will not have a safe place to live. To succeed we can use our car less or use our bike or to go somewhere on foot to move a bit more. Another solution is RECYCLING! Do not throw your rubbish outside the bin and try to recycle. With recycling, we have a chance to save our planet and probably the next generations!!

So, take care of your planet with all the methods you possibly can. We have a chance to save our planet, so do not waste it! GO GREEN!!

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