Thursday, July 19, 2018

Review of a TV show

Three weeks ago I found out about an American TV show called America’s got talent.Lots of people of different ages watch it because it is very popular.It is an awesome talent show with four judges and one presenter.

The good thing about this TV show is that there are many differents acts ,like dancing ,singing and magic tricks but my favourite ones are funny acts.Also, sometimes there is a famous guest star who I like a lot. Finally, the atmosphere of the show is friendly and relaxed.

The only bad thing about the show is that sometimes the judges are too strict with the contestants.Then the contestants may feel disappointed, angry or unhappy.This too sad to watch.

On the whole, I would recommend this TV show because it is amazing.If I were you ,I would find the episodes on YouTube.You will love them!


  1. I watch this TV show, too and I love it. I really like your review.

    1. What’s your favourite act in this show, fantastic Melpo?

    2. My favourite act is Grace VanderWall

  2. What? The are all really tallented!!!Nice job Evridiki!